Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day

It's one thing to hope for it, but another for it to happen.  The call came at 5 am for me, the perk of being a full-time employee at the school is that you're on the call list.  A snow day.  The day before Winter Break.  A free day.  A day to spend with Flash.

We had intended to open our one "Christmas Eve" package tonight since he is leaving tomorrow to spend Christmas with his dad and grandparents.  

After I verified that Flash's school was also closed for the day (wouldn't that have been dreadful?) I went in and woke him up to turn off his alarm, and that's when it hit me.  It's like Christmas morning!!

There's snow falling outside, we have one present to open each and we can spend the day in jammies!  I started bouncing on his bed saying, "wanna open our present?  wanna?  wanna?!?!"

Of course, I already knew what ONE present I was opening.  With the boy leaving tomorrow, the new house laptop was going to be opened before he left one way or another so I had deemed the big box in the back the ONE gift I was opening today. 

Flash opened a new PS2 game and was over the moon.  "This is perfect!!  Now I have something fun to play today!"  

With Flash poised with the camera, I revealed the part of the box that held the HP logo.  His jaw dropped and I wished for the moment that I had the camera in my hand and could capture his surprise.  

I have yet to put my hands on my new computer.  He has installed everything, hooked me up to the internet (yea!) and is now listening to some techno nerdy thing on you tube.  But I'll let him.  For now, he believes this is a computer for both of us.  For now, he's totally geeked that we have new technology in the house and is already talking about hooking up his ipod and his programming that's writing.  For now.  In less than a week he'll open a box of his own with his father.  Hopefully then someone will have a camera pointing at him.


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Woot! Awesome! I am so excited--for BOTH of you. I can't wait to see the pics (uploaded, of course, using your new laptop!)