Monday, December 15, 2008

97.4% of People

who say they will do this before they die never do.  What is it?

On a related note:

While Flash/LM was at youth group last week I pulled up a stool at Bennigan's and had some dinner (what?!  I had just donated blood and rushed to get him and a friend to youth group.  I was starving!) While I ate, I pulled out a printed copy of my NaNoWriMo text and was editing.

The woman sitting a few stools away from me (why oh why couldn't this have been a really cute guy in his early 40's with dark eyes and...oh, wait, back to the point) she says to me, "Did you write a book?"

And I replied, "Yes.  I did."

And I swear I floated all the way home that night.

(You got the percentage question, right?  I heard it on the radio this morning on my drive to work.  It was one of those get these five questions right and we'll fly you to somewhere you never wanted to go anyway contests.   I didn't call in, so I certainly didn't win, but I was still screaming in my car when they announced that 97.4% of all people that say they want to write a book before they die never do.  I did!!  I checked it off my list!!!)

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