Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bad Date #416

As if I hadn't already figured out in the first five minutes that despite his humor and intellect over email, my date was barely a snail's breath past dull in person. Despite being initially impressed with his choice of dinner locations, he ordered without knowing anything about the dish and then proceeded to eat only one single small item from the sample. Despite choosing an eclectic restaurant known for their wines, he admitted straightaway that he knew little if anything about wine. But perhaps the moment I knew for certain that this date was more than just doomed, it was one to be filed away in the "seriously?" annals, was when I asked further details about his job (just trying to make conversation) and he pulled out dental floss and proceeded to go into an elaborate explanation with paper, pen and floss, about how a gear tooth is measured. Sigh. I just don't think bringing dental floss as a prop is in the "How to Woo a Woman" handbook.

I cannot make this crap up.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Directions Said "Draw a Picture"

Despite the answer key suggesting the drawing be reflective of the math computation, how could I deduct points for such a cute picture of crazy-haired Mark and his sweet little sister?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happiness Is...

...having a difficult situation at work turn 180 degrees into perhaps the perfect situation for everyone involved.

...holding the newborn baby of a friend.

...realizing how much I have learned in the past three years thanks to an amazing woman and her desire to help us all become better teachers.

...being asked out on a date for Saturday night on a Tuesday afternoon.

...sitting on my deck for hours after work just chatting with my teenager.

...watching the robins play in the sprinkler.

...tucking blackberry vines into the trellis as they grow.

...potato sprouts!

...beautiful flower beds thanks to generous friends!

...homemade pizza.

...going to lunch with a friend and laughing the whole time.

...emails and phone calls that make me laugh out loud.

...knowing that I can spend the whole afternoon in the yard tomorrow thanks to Flash's orthodontic appointment that gets me out of school.

...clean laundry- finally!

...listening to a cricket lullaby before bed.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

View from the hammock

What I skies, beautiful maple leaves...serenity!

What Eli saw...a taunting squirrel!

The Science Fair Just Keeps Getting Better

What happens when you put a group of sophomore math and science geeks together to work on a project for chemistry? They figure out a way to light things on fire and call it research!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Three cases of Mt. Dew
Burgs and dogs up the wazoo
Chips, salsa and guac
Pasta salad aplenty
Watermelon ready for eating
Half a sheet cake emblazoned with Flash's one year old pic
Pretzels and cheese dip

The house is cleaned and we are ready for the onslaught of a sixteenth birthday party. All are welcome, but be's B.Y.O. Nerf guns!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

How Old Again?

I carefully selected 16 gifts for Flash's 16th birthday that represent his many talents and passions. He loves the nerd gun the most.

I Knew Better Than To Ask

Apparently there is a zombie apocalypse going on at Flash's gifted school. If you are a survivor, you put a circle on your hand everyday. If you are a zombie, you try to draw a "Z" inside that circle. Flash had to go so far as to note that he is a Level 2 survivor.

I thought he was just stressed about the math test on Monday. I had no idea he was fending off zombies each and every day!