Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My husband just got out of prison.

(Thought I would let that line sink in.)

He actually had to go there for work.  For a man whose job is usually quite uneventful, this was a whole new twist.  At first, we thought it was odd that they would allow inmates access to knives to slaughter cattle, but the more we thought about it, we figure murderers might be quite good at killing and carving.  In any case, The Mister is glad to be back on this side of the barbed wire.  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Saturday Night in America

Four hours before the first pitch, I finished the rough draft of my grad school research paper and remarked to The Mister, "We could still make the game in Detroit if we left now."  Twenty minutes later, a school teacher and a meat grader living The American Dream robbed their "Fun Fund" and were out the door with two freshly printed tickets in hand, psyched about watching both their favorite teams compete under the lights.

I kept tabs on the radar during the two and a half hour drive to the city, devising a backup plan just in case, but The Mister assured me we would be "just fine" and he was spot on.  A few sprinkles was all we had,  just enough to open up a pair of seats with an even better view of the field.  

Despite the fact that my team forgot to show up and play (we lost by eight runs), the game was awesome to watch.  A grand slam, a fantastic double play, some long balls into the seats, it couldn't be beat.  The players were having a great time and so were we. An added bonus for The Mister was being there to see Max Scherzer go 11-0 to set the Tigers record and tie the MLB record.  

As though the baseball, hotdogs, roasted almonds and bag of peanuts wasn't already a fantastic American Saturday night, the fireworks after the game perfected the evening.  We drove home with a deep appreciate for how blessed we are, savoring such an incredible, spontaneous night together.

We will head back to Detroit in September, to celebrate The Mister's birthday at the ballpark and to close out the summer in the same way we ushered it in.  God has truly blessed America and all of us fortunate enough to call this nation home. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

For the First Time in Eight Years

...I will have the same job next year.  I have progressed from editor, manager, substitute, computer teacher, parapro, third grade, first grade, second grade and now for the first time, I will remain in the same room, in the same building and teach the same grade level.  Not only have I obviously made a significant change in my career path, but in the middle of all of that, we relocated back to the Midwest from the East Coast.  As if that isn't enough, I became a married woman this winter and a graduate student this spring.

So forgive me for lingering on my deck this summer.  For sitting idly with The Mister, looking out over the garden.  Allow me the first week-long vacation in Tennessee with The Boy, The Mister and our family.  Let me perfect a broccoli/cauliflower slaw, learn how to dry homegrown herbs, and discover sweet antique shops when we go Jeepin' with the top down.  Let me play cards, drink wine, host barbecues, and throw a baseball with my husband.  Let me listen to the birds, the crickets and my teenager. 

Certainly there is still grad work to do, and a mile-long list of classroom ideas and projects to conquer.  There's a house that could use a good cleaning and a garage sale that needs planning.  There's money to be saved and pounds to be lost.  

But it can wait.  This time is a gift.  These are moments I need to savor.  In a year, The Boy will be gone, our talks of moving might become more sincere, our plans more future focused.  Today there is a deck and a chair.  Reflection and contentment.  Nature and peace.

Today, I am grateful. 

A word to the Wise

Do not utter the words, "Every time I grab my thingy, it squirts me!" in earshot of The Mister.  He might never recover from the laughing fit, even if you were just referencing your water bottle.  

Thursday, June 06, 2013


Hello, my name is Eliza.  I am an addict.  I have been on Pinterest for four days and I can't stop.  With only four days left of school and nothing on the immediate horizon except grad school research papers (and who wants to do that when you could be Mod Podging you plastic shelving units?!) I have allowed myself to finally give in to the Pinterest craze.  


I was so excited about being able to stay at the same grade level in the same classroom for the first time, thinking I would have my summer to just improve lessons, but now Pinterest has shown me how uncreative I am, how boring my classroom is, how bland my teaching styles are!  OH MY!  

In all seriousness, there are some fantastic ideas on there.  Maybe someday I will post some of my own fantastic ideas.  For now, I will fill my iPad's memory with 4000 pictures of classroom ideas, I will add 4000 titles to my classroom Amazon wish list and I will jot notes about 4000 lessons I can,t wait to teach.

This could be my busiest summer yet.  Thanks, Pinterest.