Thursday, September 01, 2016


There is no better way to start a day than here on Someday Farm.  From deer in the early morning light to a blue heron flying across the pond on my way down the drive, there is always something to amaze and delight.  Of course, it does make it more difficult to head in to work when nature is tempting me to stay here, but it does make coming home something to look forward to!

(I know the picture is terrible.  The heron are so skittish and I only had my cell phone.  By the time I retrieved the camera, the beautiful bird had moved on.)

Getting In

The deer love the pasture.  We have seen them many times enjoying the apples, pears and the grass The Mister planted for Delilah.   We thought they might stop their frequent visits when The Mister finished getting the fence installed, but they are still venturing in on a daily basis.  When we saw the two fawns in the pasture, we got a little suspicious, however, wondering if they were that agile at such a young age to jump the fence, or if they had actually figured out the one gap we still have while we work on the well. 

Neither, it turns out.  The deer duck their heads through the middle wires and daintily step into the pasture without so much as a second thought.  

I suppose they will have a second and maybe third thought when the electricity is turned on, though.


Meet Delilah.  She will be a spring addition to Someday Farms, along with her calf, which is due at the end of May.  She is a Scottish Highland with a sweet temperament.  She gets a little feisty if another cow tries to get to the grain trough before she does, though!  She will winter over at the farm she currently lives at, so we can finish getting our pasture, well and shelter ready for her arrival.  We don't want her here by herself for long, so we'll wait and bring her home in spring, closer to the arrival of the calf.

Our plan is to just have the two highlands, and no, they aren't bound for the freezer.  I'm happy to eat beef, just not beef I've curry-combed.