Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bird Song

Birdy's first solo!  Who would have thought this would come from our shy, timid, little Birdy?  What a beautiful, brave woman she is becoming!

Out of the Mouths Part 2

"Miss Eliza?"

"Yes, G?"

"I went to that thing where they put the babies in water."

"Where they put the babies in water?  What do you mean, G?"

"You know, where you go and you watch them put all the new babies in water for the first time?"

[silence and a blank stare - from me this time]

"You know...we got dressed up and we went to watch my baby sister get put in the water."

"In a pool, G?"

"Kind of.  Kind of like a bath tub."
"Ooooh, you saw your baby sister get baptized, G?"

"Yeah!  That's it!  Baptized!"

Had I made the connection that he was still thinking about our discussion of churches during the making of our stained glass window craft, I might have caught on a lot sooner to that one.

Out of the Mouths

"Miss Eliza?  My dad calls my mom 'Sarah'. "

"Isn't your mom's name Sarah?"

"Yeah, but I call her mom."
"Of course you do, K, but your mom isn't your dad's mom.  She is his wife.  So he calls her by her name."

[silence and a blank stare]

"K, you and your brother get to call your mom, 'Mom' because you are her kids.  But your dad is not your mom's child."

[silence and a blank stare]

"K, you know your grandma and grandpa?  That's your dad's mom and dad.  I bet your dad calls your grandma, 'Mom', doesn't he?"

[silence and a blank stare]

"I just don't get it Miss Wilson."

"I think you should ask your mom, K."


 He had had enough during marching season.  Hated band.  Wanted to quit.  The holiday parade, in particular, nearly threw him over the edge, but his evil mother wouldn't let him quit. 

Symphonic Band started this marking period - a relief from a bad marching season and with it came new music, and the top musicians in band - another relief.

The concert was wonderful, as it always is now that he's in high school.  The band was the last of the many musical performances, and they ended the evening with a Celtic Carol, which received a standing ovation from the parental crowd and pleas for more. 

Even my boy was excited for more. 

Due to scheduling issues with his attendance at the math and science school, Flash won't be able to take band as a class next year.  He'll be able to march, attending band camp and the after school and evening practices, but he won't be able to participate in symphonic again. 

I am certainly going to miss concerts like this.


Isn't she just precious?


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Why We Moved to Michigan - Reason #416

I was in PA when she got her ears pierced and I cried when she called to tell me all about it.  I'm the aunt, I'm supposed to be there for these sorts of things.  So from the moment she first announced the formal dance and her intentions to go, I knew I wouldn't miss it for the world.  I didn't want to intrude on her plans, but I secretly squealed with glee when she asked if I would help her do her hair for the dance. 

We did a trial run on Thursday, to decide what she liked best and how much time we would need. 

 Last night we curled and sprayed and pinned and styled and Little Bird turned into a beautiful woman right before our eyes.

Her mom helped with some make-up and lent a silver necklace for the occasion. We had to remind her to take out her retainer before she left the house and tucked lip gloss and her cell phone in her coat pocket.

I was grateful (perhaps for the first time) for George's jokes about the who-ha's and the ha-ha's and what he really meant -  the ta-ta's, to help me stave off the tears.     

 I didn't go to see her friends at the pre-party - names I've heard nearly her whole life, girls I've seen at school growing up before my eyes.

 She had a wonderful time, and how could she not? She was the most beautiful bird at the dance.

Relationship Status

"Hey, WG?  I was talking with Jules the other day, running some Christmas ideas for you past her.  She mentioned that it might be easier to know what an appropriate Christmas gift is, if you and I could more concisely define our relationship.  I mean, we're on again, off again, so are we just a couple months from celebrating our first anniversary together or are we just a couple weeks into our relationship?"

"Well, Eliza, I see your sister's point.  I guess earlier tonight I would have said our relationship, in Christmas terms, fells somewhere between giving you a stuffed animal and giving you a new car."

"So, you're saying after our nice dinner out at the jazz club, we can narrow that down a little more?"

"Not so much our dinner out, but when you let me turn on the State game when we got back home, I'd say you've definitely moved up somewhere between a sweater and a new car now."