Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I Stand Corrected

We could hear the music pouring from the gym as we walked down the hallway.  But the time my second graders were lined up outside the gym waiting for the previous class to finish, they were all be-bopping along with the music.  All, that is, but my line leader.  He just stood with his arms crossed.  To the delight of his peers behind him, I gently took hold of his arms and made him wave and jive to the rhythm of the music.  

Without so much as a smirk, he calmly looked me in the eye, and said, "Mrs. K, my arms are not play things."

Sometimes, it is all I can do not to laugh at the things the eight year olds say.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage


Tigers game on the left (for The Mister), Red Sox game on the right (for me).  Everybody's happy.  Well, Flash could care less, but we are both happy!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Christmas in May

Most of us celebrate Christmas in December. Some add an additional "Christmas in July" festivity to their calendar. But to me, Christmas, or at least the childish-anticipation-of-a-big-event part of Christmas, comes every spring. Today is my favorite day of the year. By a landslide. Today is planting day!!

Today I get to go to my little piece of heaven on earth, the nursery. I get to look at all the flowers in bloom, the sprouts of vegetables, the perennials. The color alone makes me praise God for His creation! The Mister had asked a few weeks ago how much money I needed for my spring trip and I had quickly rattled off a number. But as I have been working on my list over the past week, I realize I forgot about the window boxes, the planters by the garage, the deck plants...I had only given him the amount I spend on the garden itself. He will have sticker shock when he accompanies me to paradise today. But just like the child whose list for Santa is a bit long, I hope he says, "Yes, you can get it all".

Every year I get giddier. I worked the first couple years on the front flower beds, and this year we have been watching all the perennials peek through, already looking beautiful! We have added things here and there and to watch the evolution of our landscape delights my soul. We both love sitting on the deck, talking about "what next".

Today, my to do list is long. It will start with waking the neighbors too early because I promised myself I would mow the yard before heading to the nursery and I don't want to wait one second more. Our day will end with a beverage on the deck, looking out over our home, our yard, our little mimic of Eden. I can't say I won't get a little teary eyed. The best part of my Christmas in Spring is that it isn't over after just one day! Tomorrow I get to enjoy it all over again!

Happy Spring!!