Saturday, April 21, 2012





Old Friends

I came across aptly named Puppy and Cow today while cleaning out drawers. Been awhile since they have been clutched by Flash's loving grip!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Flash Photography

Some of my faves from Flash's recent spring break with the other side of the family:


 "I didn't take it."
Flash's Grandpa

This last one is my favorite yet.
Flash perfectly captured the agony a five year old feels when he has to come inside
for dinner on a gorgeous spring day.  

Making Out Like a Bandit

Flash I spent the first part of spring break in TN before he flew to Virginia to see his dad and extended family on that side.  His dad was kind enough to put some money in his bank account, should he need something from the airport to eat along the way.  We headed back to MI early on the morning Flash was to fly out, so my dad was kind enough to take Flash to the airport and see him off to Virginia.  Wanting to make sure he could get something in a rush if his connecting flight was too close to stop for long, I tucked some cash into Flash's hand before I left.

Last night, after returning back home from all his travels, Flash was talking about what he might do with his "loot".  I inquired as to what "loot" this might be exactly.  He fessed up that he didn't have time to eat at the airport and so he had some money "leftover".  I suggested perhaps he return the $40 I had given him, since he didn't need it for the intended purpose.  He was a bit reluctant, as you might guess.

It was a few minutes later when he was talking about some ideas he had for the money that I stopped him for further questioning.  "You're going to buy all that with my $40?"

Well, no, he confessed.  With my $40 and the $80 from his dad that he hadn't used either.

"You're going to take our $120 and run with it?!"  I exclaimed.

"Actually, I'm going to use $140.  Papa slipped me a twenty before I got on the plane."

I think we've all been robbed.  Let's hope the funds go towards fire retardant materials for his science project as suggested by his mother and not towards a new video game.

Monday, April 02, 2012


I need to note (before he smacks me) that Flash took 99% of the pics that I've posted from the weekend.  He's been putting the new camera and photog class to good use, trying out new angles, exposures and shutter speeds to capture various shots.  From Saturday through today, he has taken over 900 pictures.  Nine Hundred.  NINE HUNDRED.
To see how unamused I was at having one.more.picture.taken, see the following:

You see what I mean.  

By today, everyone had been the subject of Flash's camera lens a time or two more than desired. We were distracted during cornholes by the beep and flash of the camera.  Our card playing was interrupted so he could get a better angle on the game.  Sigh.  Perhaps the only one who didn't voice their displeasure was the baby, and that's only because at five months old, she can't yet voice her displeasure.  

So it was no surprise to anyone (except Flash) when his camera was highjacked by a couple family  members....the result:

The Case of Tommy Tomato:

Apparently the only one (or thing) NOT photographed hundreds of times this weekend, was Tommy the Tomato.  He was not happy to be left out.  He took it upon himself to take a few self-portraits while Flash wasn't using his camera. 

Tommy with his friend, Tabasco.

Tommy, posing with Mr. Lizard who was also left out of all other photos this weekend.

Ricardo, the concrete cherub, was jealous, so Tommy posed with him on the deck.

The rock bowl hollered until Tommy came to include them in the photo montage.

We're glad that Tommy Tomato took it upon himself to include these photos in our weekend collection.  We would have hated to have left anyone (thing?!) out!!!

P.S.  Next time, Flash, don't leave your precious camera unattended with G'ma Judy and Birdy around!!

Welcome to the Family

 When you join our family, card playing (who am I kidding, ANY game playing) is mandatory.  Our new sis jumped right in, braving the tough competition to learn to play Euchre amongst those of us who have played it for years.  She came, she learned and she conquered!!  (What do you expect when she was MY partner?)
 Her new husband had a good time, too!
(Hey, GJ! You are smiling AND you eyes are open!!)
She had some help in learning the game, but you can see the confidence on her face.
I think she was playing us all for suckers.  Make a note:  Always be on D's team!

And Then There Was a Party...

...where Dad and Judy "danced"...

...where the groom and his posse jammed...
...Garrett on bass...
...where Dad danced with his new daughter...
...Dad practiced his toast during dinner (Mom would be so proud)...
...where Livi West rocked the house with her amazing voice...
...where the newest member of the family rocked with the oldest...
...where we celebrated with a new branch of the family...
...where I held a gorgeous little Adalene for as long as I could...
...where Bear pondered the meaning of life with a beer and a cigar...
...where Birdy hoarded the baby (there was much fighting over who got to hold her)...
...where babies and polar bears met...
...where old hens talked about old men on the porch swing...
...where there may or may not have been a cornhole competition...

 ...where a big (middle) sister got to congratulate her little (taller) brother...

 ...where Flash lived up to the other meaning of his name and took over 700 photos (but not this one)...

...where there may not have been nearly enough limes for all the Dos Equis Amber (a case isn't enough)....

...where the most gorgeous baby in the world was loved on by all...

...But most importantly, where family gathered to celebrate love.
Congratulations Garrett, Diana and Adalene!!

A Wedding

Garrett and Diana
March 30, 2012