Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Playoff Math Quiz

If my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, play The Mister's favorite team for the first time in post-season history, and my Bearded Boys win the series and advance to the World Series, how long until The Mister speaks to me again?

a) never
b) if the Red Sox lose the World Series
c) if the Lions beat the Patriots in NFL playoffs this winter
d) if Flash ends up going to State and I have to surrender my Wolverine rights and join The Mister in cheering for the Spartans
e) only if b-c all occur this year


As a challenge question, anyone want to guess at how much the damages charges are on The Mister's hotel bill for throwing things at the TV?  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

At the moment, I am a happily married woman whose husband is currently in Dallas for work.  However, Game Six of the ALCS is moments away from starting and Boston is up 3-2 in the series.  Within just a few hours, my husband might not like me so much anymore (or vice versa) and he may or may not change his return flight to...never.  

I will keep you posted.  While I'd love to see my Red Sox in the World Series, I would sure miss my husband.  Especially with snowblower season coming up.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our pastor this morning spoke about the difference between being irritated, agitated and frustrated and how it relates to surrendering.  I think I am beginning to understand the difference with the help of The Mister.

When the little red squirrel that chewed two holes in the side of our house last spring returns this weekend for another go at it, The Mister is irritated.  When The mister spends the afternoon pulling off a gutter! cutting and patching together material to permanently block the little bugger from getting back in the new holes he has chewed The Mister is agitated.  When The mister gets out of the shower to hear the sounds of the squirrel chewing in a whole new place on the roof, he is truly frustrated.

The Mister isn't getting out his tar, his metal, or new boards for dealing with the problem now.  At this point, I believe the squirrel is going to meet The Mister's gun.  

I would like to recommend to the squirrel that at this point, it is best just to surrender.  And find a new home to chew in to.  

Saturday, October 05, 2013

More Than a Promise

In the mail today was confirmation.  When we moved back to the Midwest 7 years ago, we strategically chose to live in Kalamazoo so Flash would qualify for The Promise.  Seeing the dollar figures associated with Flash's schools of choice are enough to make a person tremble (or maybe that was just The Mister's response).  The Promise is what allows Flash to put University of Michigan at the top of his list and for his parents to speak of it as a realistic option.  

We spent our morning at Michigan State, exploring the College of Engineering.  We expect it will come down to being a Spartan or a Wolverine when decision time arrives.  But for Flash, who has worked hard to create open doors for himself, he will get to choose a school based on where his passions lie, and not just based on financial support. 

Thank you, Kalamazoo.  

This Isn't Going to End Well, If it Ends Well for me.

I love October baseball.  LOVE IT.  With so many games in the regular season, it is nice to finally watch games as though they all matter.  Because they do.  The only downside is that the overlap with football puts me in front of a television far more than I do the rest of the year combined.  

Last night we set the DVR for the Red Sox game so I could watch when I got home from work.  As the mister and I sat on the couch! watching the game! we talked about the Tigers playoff game that would be on much later, and the Dodgers vs. Braves game that was on in between.  That's when it hit me.

If my BoSox win, and The Mister's Tigers win, they will play each other in the next round.  Furthermore, if my BoSox win against the Tigers, they could potentially play against either my dad' stormer favorite team, the Dodgers, or his current favorite team, the Braves.

To out it in layman's terms, this playoff season, I could end up in divorce court AND get written out of the will.