Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Answer

I've been praying for God to give me an answer and today He did.

The house is not to be ours. At least not right now.

The homeowners are in way over their heads and are going to have to go through the process of foreclosure. It's a long process, but perhaps months down the road, if we're still interested, there might be another window for us to express an interest.

In the meantime, I'm taking a break from the search. I'm emptying my house of the boxes we've collected and I am going to take some of the saved money and pay off my car.

But I know God has a great plan for us, and I know that it is better than we can imagine.

I know this.

But for a few moments tonight, when I am normally praying that God would help me to know what to do with this house, I just might cry. But only for a moment. Only for a moment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Laughing So Hard I have Tears

If you have Facebook...

Go to the very bottom of your FB page and where it says "English (US)" change it to "English (Pirate)" and then go read your FB page.

OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS I am laughing so hard!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And so I counter offered their counter offer.

And I prayed the whole drive home that God would take this in His hands and do with it as He will.

I'm not even sure what I'm hoping for at this point.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, April 27, 2009

For Those Who Asked

The seller's finally counter-offered 6 days later (and well past the deadline). The counter was ugly. They gave not an inch. It would seem they are in quite a bind, owing significantly more than the house is worth.

So here I sit.

I've been praying that God would be very clear about what He wants me to do. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew this was the right house, but I don't know if this is the right time. We're kind of pushing things to get in and I hate to jump into a mortgage when I'm working 10 months out of the year at a silly hourly rate without benefits. But, then again, I have done the math and believe we can make it work, even if it is a tight budget.

I guess I just don't know what God is saying. I'm trying to be still and listen but my heart is saying I LOVE THIS HOUSE and my head is saying ARE YOU CRAZY?! and my soul is saying, God takes care of things when it is done for His glory, and well, I'm left with a whole bundle of I know not what to do's.

What would make this easier? If there was any hope that I'd be teaching full-time in the fall (but local districts are laying off). If I had a bit more money in the bank than I do. Even if I had a part-time job that just brought in a little extra cash.

So I'm praying and I'm thinking and I'll have to get back to the seller in a couple of days but until then, I'm waiting on God. And I'm hoping He speaks loudly.

When You Rely on Technology

Ever try to teach an internet lesson to a lab full of Kindergarten students when Internet Explorer isn't working and Firefox wants to do an update? When you open Google to talk about Search Engines and instead of the recognizable-even-to-Kinders logo, they've gone and made the "Google" into Morse Code or something unreadable (a hump I thought we had gotten over since it was no longer the "Earth Day" motif). Even if you can get past that with grace, your plans will again be thwarted when you realize that after "fixing" your latest computer problems, the gurus left your lab without Adobe Flash player or Shockwave, making all the internet activities you have planned for your students unable to run with multiple error messages popping up on their screens sending them into complete turmoil and panic.

At this point, when you realize you're going to have to bag the internet activity altogether and you tell the students to go to an old standby software program, the computers will take so long to load and open the program that they will not actually have any time to draw or design, but will have to line up without creating a thing.

It was that kind of a bummer of a day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Speaks To Me

Maybe it's a sign that someday I will actually live in Maine, I don't know. But on a rainy Saturday, I still love the beach. I love the sound of the waves more than anything. I'm easily annoyed by people laughing too loudly or talking too much. So on a day when the beach is deserted, I'm truly at peace.
I could just sit and listen for hours. The splash of the water on the pier catches me off guard and makes me laugh out loud. The feel of sand between my toes, and cool lake water on my feet touches my soul in a way that little else does.

Today, we field tripped to the water. But it feels like we had a brief visit to Heaven.

Spring is Here!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why We Call Him Flash Reason #392

A text conversation with Flash in the grocery store:

Flash: Where r u?

Me: Exactly where you left me

Flash: I was just there

Me: obviously you weren't

Flash: I was

Me: Then you would have found me

Flash: U weren't there

Me: I'm STILL here

Upon arriving in the card aisle exactly where he left me Flash realized he had looked in the card aisle one aisle over but not the one I had been in the whole time.

You Might Be a Redneck If...

Reason #412 why I love big dogs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Just That Helpful

I walked into the Christian Bookstore this evening looking for the book I need for next months' book study at church, and before I could even gather my thoughts there was a lovely and very cheerful woman asking if she could help me with anything. Thrown off-guard by the immediate assistance, my brain immediately went blank. I stood there for a moment before saying something as remarkably profound as, "I'm looking for a book."

yeah, I know. You in the back? Hush.

The woman was too polite to even give the obvious retort, she just stood there (I'd like to think it wasn't just because I was in the CHRISTIAN bookstore that she refrained from saying "Well DUH!" But ya never know. I kind of deserved it.)

When I started to get my brain a'workin', I said, "It's called, um, Thirty Days to... A.... oh something or another..."

The woman, again, refrained from stating the obvious. She just stood there. I continued my embarrassing stammer.

"Thirty Days to.... it's like, thirty days to....oh, I just wrote this down today...."

The woman, God bless her soul - seriously - suggested we go to the computer and look it up. Because I was so close to having the title, surely it'd be easy. (If you missed the sarcasm there, let me just point it out to you.)

She proceeds to type in "Thirty Days to" in the computer and extract 500+ possible titles. Which, in an effort that's surely meant to be helpful, she then proceeds to start reading to me.

"Thirty Days to an Abundant Life? Thirty Days to a Closer Walk with God? Thirty Days to a Better Marriage?"

I keep shaking my head, trying to get her to stop long enough for me to just THINK.

I start rummaging through my pocketbook, looking for the sticky note that I wrote all this information down on only a few hours ago. But, it would seem, the sticky note is still on my desk at school.

So she continues to read, "Thirty Days to Financial Freedom? Thirty Days to a Well-Behaved Child?" and I continue to repeat, "Thirty Days to....Thirty Days to..."

She finally asks if I know the author.

Yes!! Well...., it's something like Stocker, or Sooker, or maybe Soot? I don't know. But it's a husband and wife and it's like Kevin and Chris. Or Ken and Christine. Or maybe it's Keith and Carla.

I finally ask where in the bookstore these sorts of books would be. Generally speaking. Figuring I'll save us both the agony of reading through this entire list of possible titles. I'll just browse the whole bookstore until sometime next Thursday to see if I can find it on my own and perhaps save her from suggesting that I go straight to hel....

She says it depends. It might be in Business, if it's about finances. I say no, it's not just about finances, although that might be part of it. But it's about, well, it's about living the next thirty days, well, it's something about you know, so that when you die, well,

it's about something like not regretting anything.

AHA!! I say, "that's in the title. Or.... something like that anyway."

She says, very calmly still, which I'm sure was part of her training before she was given the job at the Christian Bookstore, Christian Customer Service 101: How to not curse out a customer even when they are driving you mad.

In any case, we go to the Christian Living section and head for authors whose name stars with S (since that's about as much as I get right) and lo and behold there it is!!

"One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life" by Kerry and Chris Shook.

See?! I was soooo close!!

And to think after all that they still let me use my coupon!

Does the Fire-Roasted Chicken Come with Fries?

We were driving home from church tonight and had to pull over to let a fire truck pass. A few blocks later, driving into the setting sun, Flash commented that the road seemed really "dusty" up ahead. I reminded him there was a FIRE nearby (he lives up to his name more often than not lately). As we drove past the local Checker's drive-through we realized the whole back of the restaurant was smoking pretty seriously and the fire truck had joined several police cars in the parking lot.

The most amusing part of this to us? That there were THREE CARS in line to get their fast-food orders at the take-out window. Ahem. People? Look in your rear view mirror and see that the restaurant IS ON FIRE. You might want to just forgo the extra large fries and get out of there before your car is likewise on fire.

For Those Keeping Track

I still don't have anything major to report on the house. There's movement, and I should know more tomorrow, but for the moment, it's status quo. Whatever that might mean!

Thanks for all the prayers!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Let the bidding begin.

(Pray. Please?)

The Search

We've been looking at houses for a couple of months now. We've learned that we can afford adorable if it's in wrong part of town, or we can afford a fixer-upper in a better neighborhood. We've debated about buying a home that came with an attractive price tag but needed every appliance, new carpet, paint and perhaps even a kitchen remodel. We've walked away from homes that were mechanically solid but just didn't have any charm or personality. We've learned that pictures lie in ways we could not imagine, from making rooms look enormous to hiding the true state of disrepair.

It's been frustrating.

Flash has accompanied me on many drive-bys, nearly every walk through and has even sat (reluctantly most times) and looked at with me, searching for new potentials. He's often disgruntled with me for referring to a house as "cute" and doesn't get nearly as excited over charming quirks and personality as I do. We've drug my sister and Bear to a few, even a couple of which I think they thought we were crazy not to buy.

We've debated what our compromising points are going to be. Will we have to just accept the fact that Flash will attend the other high school in town? Will we have to survive Michigan winters without a garage? Is there no hope that we can have a three bedroom? Will we just have to buy something that needs work and hope in a few year's time I have more money to make improvements?

In most cases, we have driven home from our searches discouraged, defeated, silent. I have said to my Realtor more than once lately, "Maybe this just isn't our time to buy."

Maybe we just need to wait. Wait until I have a full-year job or at least a full-year salary. Maybe we need to wait until we've somehow, miraculously doubled our savings. Maybe, despite being a buyer's market, it's just not our time to buy.

And so I kept praying and looking and convincing myself it's like dating and you just have to keep yourself in the game and God will bring the right one along when it's the right time. And so at least once a week, we drag ourselves out to torment our Realtor once again and look at properties.

And in all my searches, I kept seeing this one listing online. My Realtor never sent it to me in her listings, although I never really questioned why, it seemed to be obviously outside of our school district and due to a college tuition incentive program, we desperately need to stay within the confines of our district. But yesterday, after finding out the house I was most recently full of hope for had a tiny eat-in kitchen along with a few other disappointments, I went back to my search and pulled up the familiar listing one more time just to look. I don't even know what made me do it, but having found a document for our school district that lists every street and address that's in the district, I decided to look, just to double check. And from what I could tell, it seemed as if it was saying this address was IN our district. Only because it was on the East side of the street, but it seemed to suggest I might have hope. I shot an email to my Realtor and made a call to the central office where a wonderfully nice woman confirmed that this address was in fact in our district, only because it was on the East side of the street, and only because it wasn't three houses further down.

The trouble was, my Realtor couldn't find a listing for it. She couldn't find any information at all. Other than the listing on, it would seem the house didn't exist. She looked at the listing agent's contact information and shared with me that the area code was from the East side of Michigan. She thought perhaps there was an error with the listing and that it really wasn't in our town after all.

It's hard to ride the rollercoaster, but my day was filled with such ups and downs. I finally went to Google Earth and visually set my eyes upon the house IN my town and called her to confirm. She was just in the process of calling me to say the listing agent had returned her call and we could get in to see the house that evening.

I was over the moon. I knew better than to put my hopes in information and pictures from the listing, but this house at the very least promised nearly every single thing we were looking for and I found it hard not to get a little excited. I called my sister.

She was quiet on the phone when I told her the address and said I was sending her a copy of the listing. She said, "Hang on, I don't want to say anything until I've seen the listing" which worried me. As it turns out, my sister has been in the house. She and Bear used to know the previous owners and knew that he had done a lot of the work on the house (including building the garage and refinishing the master bedroom and bath) on his own. He wasn't exactly known for thorough, quality work. But, it was worth a look, we agreed.

And so we went. We looked at a couple other houses first but then made our way over. The neighborhood was one we had been delighted with. It's basically living in the next town over (a better town) and still attending our schools. It's much closer to church and to a lot of our new friends from there. The street was quiet, and kids were out walking and playing in their yards. When we pulled in the drive, Flash said, "This is a nice house!" A curb-appeal comment we had not made very often in our search.

As we entered, my Realtor unlocked the door and entered first and had already turned around to speak to me as I crossed the threshold, "This is really nice, Eliza" she said. And it was. It has three bedrooms, including a beautiful master suite. It has two full bathrooms, a rarity in our price range. It has a fireplace in the living room, a gorgeous deck overlooking a nice back yard. It has an updated, tastefully decorated kitchen and a living room full of arched doorways, cove ceilings and classy decor.

We made calls to my sister to arrange for them to come look at it later the next night, and we spoke with our Realtor about the next steps in the process.

As we pulled out of the driveway and made our way back down the street, Flash let out a little "Whoo yeah!!" in the car. Unsure if he had his ipod on or what the outburst was all about, I asked as much. "That was a cute house, Mom!" came his enthusiastic reply.

It is indeed, Flash. And maybe, God willing, it might just be our cute house.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Best News Ever

Well, maybe not ever, but I have to say I actually cheered out loud and did a little happy dance when I heard the news today.

John Madden has retired.

It's just a shame I don't have television anymore. He was the main reason I could not stand to watch Sunday Night Football. I don't promise that Cris Collingsworth is going to be a great announcer (I have my doubts) but at least he's NOT John Madden.

Now, can we get Dick Vitale to retire, too?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Company

The Pre-Teens (Birdy and Flash)

My second mom, dad, Flash and I

Birdy and Jules

Flash. My grown up boy.

We loved having company join us in the pew Easter Sunday morning. Even more, we loved the gift of time that Dad and J gave us, by adding to their trip to come visit so we didn't have to spend any money over break and we still had a chance to see family. Thanks to Jules for her hospitality that always makes family visits possible!

Last Day of Break


Savor the moments
Hang out with Birdy and George one last day
Go to the library to help George with a school project
Watch Princess Bride
Take Flash (who had school today) to the dentist this afternoon

Tomorrow I get to see all the little ones that I've missed over break. I get to start a new unit in the tech lab and the last subject of the school year. It's crazy to think summer is not so far away!

It's A Good Thing She Was There

I've mentioned it before, my love language. I'm a Quality Time girl. And this weekend, my dad and second mom blessed me with some quality time with them. They saved us travel costs and expenses and came to visit us after a brief holiday vacation with other grandchildren.

It was really sweet of them.

And for now, since we're still in an apartment, my sister played host, opening up her home so they had a place to stay and eat.

Easter dinner wasn't necessarily a priority for anyone but me, so I offered to put much of the meal together and bring it to my sister's where she has a beautiful dining room where we can all gather.

We stopped after church to change and grab things for the meal and by the time we arrived at my sister's, my second mom was finishing the daisy eggs (deviled to the rest of us) and my sister already had the ham in the oven. She slid in our potato casserole and I put the rolls on baking sheets, but it wasn't yet time for the corn, so I put that in the freezer to wait.

And then I went to visit with my dad.

And visit we did. I was talking with him and my second mom when the next thing I know, Bear is telling us it's time for dinner.

And I thought, dinner? Wait a minute, I am supposed to be cooking the dinner!

And sure enough, the table was set, the food was hot and served on the table, all that was needed was for us to sit down.

And we did. For a wonderful Easter dinner with my family. Which meant the world to me.

I'm hoping this isn't a sign that when I finally have a home of my own where people can stay and I can host dinners such as this, that I will burn the meal or serve it completely cold because I got too busy talking. In any case, it's further proof that my sister's love language is acts of service. And while she might not feel very loved (because I did very little in the end to help!) I hope she knows how loved I feel by her efforts.

Thanks, Jules!!

(P.S. Thanks for the Swiss Maid donut, it was delish!! I apologize for thinking even for a moment that you had not brought any back for the rest of us! YOU ROCK!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope today is special for everyone; a day spent with family, a day full of laughter and love, but most importantly a day full of gratitude. Thankfulness for a loving God who cares so much about us that he sent his son to be a living sacrifice for our sins - for each and every one of us! That we might live eternally in Heaven with our Lord God!

It seems too simple sometimes to feel true, and it feels so enormous at others for me to feel worthy, but God loves me that much (you too!) and I will be eternally grateful!

Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day Eight of Break


Hang out with my family including my sister's family and my dad and second mom.
Try to ignore the sore throat that kept me up last night and pretend it's not an indicator of an oncoming cold.
Figure out what I'm wearing to Easter service tomorrow. Hmmm...

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day Seven of Break


Get groceries for Easter Dinner
Get Flash a much-needed haircut
Take Flash to the library to pick up his research books (a small step back towards reality)

Most importantly: Remember what Good Friday is all about and look forward to Easter!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I just finished watching "Grosse Pointe Blank" with Flash. Oh, don't even start the lecture, I'm well aware of the senseless violence, profanity and all out crazy plot. BUT, if you think about it, there is no John Cusak-ish actor in his life that will bring him these crazy movies. We grew up with Cusak movies!


In any case, we both laughed our butts off. Flash kept pausing the movie to quote the line they just said, but he was often laughing too hard to even get the words out.

When it finished, Flash announced that he will most certainly be watching this movie over and over again (we have it on Netflix instant so it's free). I said, hold on a minute!

"You may watch it again if you can tell me where on the mitten (when a Michigander holds their hand up to show you where they live, they call it 'the mitten') Detroit is."

Let's just say Flash had no idea.

So we had a little discussion about where WE live on the mitten.

Again, there was little to no idea.

I'm not sure if the state of PA were shaped like my hand if Flash could point out where we lived there, either, but this is frightening me.

(I just quizzed him. He can indeed mostly identify where we lived in PA and was even able to tell me what state we used to live right next to (New Jersey for those of you that don't know where we came from. And I'm even further relieved that when I just asked him what state is to the north of Michigan, he was able to tell me with certainty that it's Canada. Whew. There is hope yet. Not much, but some.)

Broiled, Twice Baked and Nuked

Well, let's just say something was amok with the pork tenderloin roast. My guess is that the portion of pork that I had in my possession was not quite the same sort of pork portion that my second mom thought I had.

Because broiling for 6 minutes on each side yielded a remarkably raw tenderloin roast.

So, I changed plans and put it in the oven for 45 minutes, until it was past time for us to leave to go to church.

And when we returned, I put it back in the oven but wasn't sure how long between the pork getting hot and the pork drying out completely so I finally took it out and cut it open (again) only to find it cold, so I just stuck it in the microwave.

So we had broiled, twice baked and nuked pork tenderloin roast for dinner.

With potatoes that were likewise, twice baked, broiled, and then nuked.

With a side of warm applesauce that had been put out on plates when we thought dinner was originally going to be ready.


(It actually wasn't too bad, but I want credit for cooking three meals instead of just the one.)

Now, if only I could get the pan that was broiled and twice baked clean.

Day Six of Break


Cook a pork tenderloin roast for the first time.
Attend Maundy Thursday services tonight.
Take chubby puppy for a walk.

Today is a gorgeous day! Flash and I are really enjoying our time together this week. We've played a lot of games together, we've had so many laughs he keeps saying that should be a blog post in itself (if only I could remember them all!) and we're getting some much needed rest! No homework, no trumpet, no stress of any kind! This has been such a wonderful reprieve (can I admit now that I'm getting a little antsy about getting back to school? I'm missing the kids!)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Living Life on the Wild Side

I'm trying to decide what tattoo to get. It's a rather spur of the moment decision, but the timing is right and I want to take advantage of the opportunity.

I'm also thinking about a piercing of some variety. I've ruled out one in my navel. All those stretch marks would surely offend everyone who saw it. Maybe my lip? Or my eyebrow?

And I'm planning a vacation. Somewhere out of the country. Somewhere exotic. Dad has a timeshare in Mexico, but that seems too tame. I mean, if you're going to go for it, you really need to live it up, right? Maybe Argentina, or Zimbabwe, or perhaps Africa.

It's a lot to decide right now, but you see, I have this chance, and I just feel as though I should seize it! I went to give blood today and in answering the questions I shared that I had been accidentally poked by a used needle. One that we use to check the blood sugar of a Kindergarten student at my school. I was poked sometime this winter, I don't even remember now, but it was before I gave blood the last time because I remember talking about it with the woman who took my information then. She said it wasn't a problem. As it turns out, it is. A big one. Not only am I banned from giving blood for a year, but they have to track the blood I donated last time and monitor the patient that received it.

I am hoping beyond all hopes that they don't TELL that patient that there is reason to be concerned about the blood they received. I know we can never be too safe, but a little five year old girl from a very good home who happens to be diabetic just isn't really a big cause for alarm in my book.

But, now that I have a year of not being able to give blood, I figure I should take care of all the other things on the list of prohibited activities that would have otherwise banned me. So, a tattoo, a piercing, travelling somewhere exotic,...I'll leave the other questionable activities for someone else.

Okay, I'll admit, I'll leave all of these activities to someone else.

And I'll be more than just a little sad that I just started giving blood regularly and now I can't. But I'll be back next year. I've already marked it on my calendar.

Day Five of Break


Give blood.
Contribute creatively to a meeting later today.

And for the sake of accomplishment, I will run a couple of errands while I'm out and about. I'll deposit a check, I'll mail a card, I'll return a few items that need returning and I might even drive by a couple houses. Just to look, ya know.

And if it's a warm 50 degrees today, I might even take the chubby poocher for a walk.

How's that for a plan?!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Have You Ever Tried...

... so hard to close a door in your life that it seemed to take all your energy and focus? And you knew that the door had to be closed, that wasn't the struggle. It needed to be closed and locked. There was no doubt in your mind, it was just that the actual closing part was far more difficult than you imagined? As if the force from the other side kept pushing it back open, pushing it open to hit you in the face one last time, or to throw daggers one more time?

I finally feel, after months of pushing a door closed, I finally feel tonight as if the weight is lifted from me. As if God has said, "I've got it from here" and He is holding it shut.

I can't promise that there still won't be knocks from the other side, or shouts, or even notes slipped under the door (although I pray for none of the above) but I truly believe as if it's been handed off, handed to the one who can handle it far better than I can.

And I cannot begin to explain the relief.

What We've Learned

While the cousins were here, we've learned a few things:

1. The cousins don't like beef stew.
2. They don't like Mom's French cookies either.
3. Birdy will ditch out on Girl's Chick Flick Time to go play Spore with the boys.
4. Mom (Aunt Fred) will have to repeat, "I am the shoe!" over and over during Monopoly to remember which game piece is hers.
5. Everyone will enjoy eating dinner in their pajamas.
6. The dog will be ready for bed before anyone else is.
7. The lack of common sense in the group will become overly apparent during a game of Yahtzee.
8. George will get a Yahtzee during your explanation of how you don't really take a turn to go for a Yahtzee unless it's your last turn.
9. When you check on the kids sleeping in the living room, you will find George snuggled up on Birdy's couch. When you gently wake him to move him back to his own, he will explain, "there were too many cats over there" for why he had to move.
10. While EA Sports might have designed the NASCAR game to include racing strategy, the boys will simply use it as a demolition derby.

For What It's Worth


"Yes, Mom?"

"I've just spent $200 on new glasses for your eyes, $50 to re-enroll your brain in gifted for next year, $85 on your teeth, $10 on new socks for your feet, $150 for the summer mission trip to enrich your spiritual soul..."

"Yeah, Mom? What's the point?"

"The point is, I don't have any money left for your ears."

"My ears?"

"Yes, Flash. Please turn your ipod down."


Day Four of Break

(Because I know this post series is riveting!)


Shower: CHECK! (This was mandatory for everyone who participated in Pajama Day yesterday!)

That's all I have for my agenda today. I might take Flash and go drive by a few houses later. Oh, and I'll balance the checkbook as my one chore for the day. My "extra check" arrived yesterday so that will be a more pleasant experience now!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Day Three of Break


Spend the day having fun with Birdy and George: CHECK!
Enjoy a crazy sleepover night with the three cousins: CHECK!
Never get out of our jammies: CHECK!!

Just for kicks: Make a big pot of beef stew (since there's snow on the ground!) CHECK!

Another great day! If it weren't for the lack of pay, I'd say we should do this vacation thing more often!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Something is Wrong with Flash

At church this morning, he not only HELD a baby (not exactly his choosing, but he still did it) but he FED a baby, too. I would have stood there longer, taking it all in if only two other toddlers hadn't been potty training and needed my dire assistance in the bathroom.

And then...

We were standing in the grocery store, by the dairy section when he hugged me. For no reason at all. I looked around for a witness, but there was only the lady from the meat counter, pushing a cart of meat out to the refrigerated displays. She didn't stop and stare in shock so I figure she either a) doesn't have a teenager; or b) didn't see what happened.

But even if none of that was odd...

We've been home for more than two hours and Flash hasn't eaten a thing. He hasn't declared himself to be starving. He hasn't ambushed the fridge and pulled out a third of the groceries we just purchased. That means all he's consume today is a bowl of Rice Krispies.

Something is very very wrong with Flash indeed.

Day Two of Break


Hold babies: CHECK!!
Worship God: CHECK!!

I threw in a little grocery shopping just for kicks and I'll do another load or two of laundry later today, but basically, I'm going to turn on the ballgame (ahhh, I love ESPN360) and I might even nap.

It's exhausting, isn't it?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day One of Break


Sleep in. Check!
Play with the bashful kitty. Check!

Well, that's all I had on the agenda for today! Guess we can call today a success no matter what happens next, right?

(Okay, okay, I relent. I will do some laundry today. But that's it. This is vacation, you know!)

Friday, April 03, 2009

I Won't

open it.
listen to it.
read it.
respond to it.
be guilted or manipulated.
feel responsible.
be accountable for your choices.
go back.
reconstruct a bridge that burned to the ground.
believe your accusations.
go against what God, my pastor, an elder, my friends, my family and my heart are telling me.
live a life focused on the negative.
forget the things you have said in anger.
put aside the lies you told.
participate in a pity party.

change my mind.

talk badly of you.
think badly of you.
quit caring about your kids.
be ungrateful for what I've learned.
withhold forgiveness.
be distrustful.
cast blame outside of myself.
stop believing that God's plan is better than I can imagine.
ignore the blessings that have come.
avoid you.
be filled with anger or bitterness.
leave church.
allow this to negatively impact my spiritual walk.
think I have the power to do what only God can do.

stop praying for you.