Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burma Update #3

We're migrating from Yangon to Taungoo today, so we get a lovely
four-hour car ride on the only highway in the country. In the rain.
Woooo. I'll probably spend most of the time writing up some of the
article(s) I'm gonna post when I get back. (Hey, I can pretend to be
productive if I so wish.)

I'd write more, but I'm being dragged away. Something about a schedule to keep.

The heat index is 105. I am avoiding doing anything productive by browsing

One I relate to all to well....

"Today I am judging the level of singleness on a scale of one to a can of frosting. It's not looking good for me."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Burma Update #2

Woo working internet woo.

Amazing what things you learn to appreciate.

So, stuff's been happening. We've trekked through a street market,
ridden on a highway that doesn't deserve the name, nearly rolled a van
into a rice paddy, been bitten by leeches, marveled at by villagers,
caught in a monsoon, treated to *real* Chinese food, explored scary
dark corners of the hotel, been giggled at by passerby and college
folk, had nights on the town, and've generally been having a good

I'll write up some nice, lengthy articles for you all to read when I
get back home. Right now, I'm gonna keep from spoiling the surprise.

As it is, I have to go back to being Head Media Correspondent and Lead
Technical Everything.



Friday, June 22, 2012

Burma Update #1

Twenty hours in various oversized tubes of flying toothpaste and we're
most of the way there. In a few hours we'll board the final flight and
make the hop to Burma.

Nothing much to talk about. International flights are both amazing and
hellish. Every airport feels American. Airline food is actually
rubber. Woo.

I'll check in again when we make it to Burma, if wifi's there. Again,
no promises. -Flash

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Headed to Burma

Right, so, this'll be my last message to a bunch of you while I'm
still in the States for a few weeks. I'll be able to email from Burma,
but the ten-hour time differential will probably screw with realtime
communication. That, and I'm not even sure how much time I'll have to

Anyway. I fly out tomorrow morning at nine-fiftyish to New Jersey,
then from there we go to Hong Kong, Singapore, and then we hop to
Burma. I believe. Some twenty-six hours airborne, and two days' worth
of traveling. (Also, I'll be a full day ahead of you lot, so I'll let
you know how the future looks.) Supposedly we spend a while in
Singapore, so I'll return with a few stacks of photos of the city,

In Burma we'll be doing a lot of work in the provincial areas, so I'm
told. We'll be spending a few days out on one of the deltas, where the
build their houses up on stilts over the water. Expect a few hundred
photos of that area.

Beyond that, I have no idea what to expect. I'll let you know what's
happening as I can, and depending on how much time I'll have online
I'll try to respond to emails, though I make absolutely no promises.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

People Ask...

How I can possibly watch golf on TV. Well, Graeme McDowell is a pretty delicious reason...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Did I Mention It Has Been a Stressful Couple of Weeks?

Flash was driving the other evening, when we saw a car ahead of us emblazoned not only with the "student driver" warnings, but also for sale signs.

"Who would want to drive around in a car that's had a student driver at the wheel?" I asked incredulously.

Flash, politely enough, didn't say a word, he just cleared his throat, giving my over-stressed mind a chance to realize the obvious....

"oh, right. I already drive a car that's been driven by a student driver. DUH." I realized.

How many days of R&R do you reckon it will take before my brain starts functioning properly again?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Flower Beds

The north side of the house is really coming along, thanks to end of season sales last year, and little bundles of. Extra plants from friends!

The front bed really enjoys the hostas and daylillies Jules gave me a couple years ago, and this year I added many more from friends. It is so fun to watch the new plants settle in and grow!

More perennials, this time a few that I inherited when my neighbor put up a fence right through the middle of some of his plants! Lucky me!

I just so love this old bike, especially the old bottle tops still in the spokes!

But what I love most this year are all my window boxes! Thanks to Flash and Jules for giving them to me and o Bear for hanging them up! They make me smile everyday!

Herbs and Berries

I trimmed back the herb garden this spring, but that seems to only have encouraged the oregano further. Sigh. It needs weeding and consuming...

The strawberry patch is the first thing I visit when I arrive home each night. Few berries actually make it into the house. I would have more, but Eli thought it was a digging bed this winter.

Speaking of berries, the raspberries and blackberries sure took off this year! I am hoping we beat the birds to them when the ripen!

I took out the concrete blocks this year and put in stepping stones and grass. Another thing that would be growing better if Eli wasn't digging in it...

The Garden

Asparagus, rhubarb, potatoes (in grow bags this year) and sugar snap peas.

Lettuces, cucumber up the trellis, brussel sprouts, and the start of the tomato plants.

Broccoli in the back, several tomato plants, peppers that aren't doing so well and bush beans in the front.

Cherry tomato plant in the trellis, zucchini in the back, eggplant in the front and butternut squash on the mound.

Cantaloupe, pumpkins and several volunteer potato plants leftover from last year.