Saturday, February 16, 2013

In The "What Was I Thinking" Category...

The SECOND Star Wars marathon has just begun at our house. The FIVE teens are ready to read every opening, play the theme at top volume and be extraordinarily loud until around ten tomorrow morning.

Wish us luck.

Monday, February 11, 2013


After spending a frustrating amount of time once again today, trying to unjam my school printer-the one that seems to think it needs to feed at least two or three pieces of paper instead of the one it was designed to handle - I wondered, as I pulled up to the ATM for cash tonight why the bank dispenser never seems to have the same issue. Just once, couldn't the ATM slide two twenties out when I only requested one?


"Wait, wait, tell me if this is safe...."

I don't even want to know. And to think, that was The Mister asking the teenager!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The First Month

31 things I have learned in my first month of marriage with The Mister:

31. The Mister will eat anything. He will pop a never-before-tried piece of food into his mouth fearlessly. He will eat any combination of food; foods that should be hot, he'll happily eat cold; and he will eat the strangest leftovers and call it breakfast. But he won't eat quinoa.

30. Combining many of our accounts and bills is a great, time-saving idea. Combining our iTunes music is not. Upon realizing he has Vanilla Ice, The Mister will feel the need to launch into a white-man's-overbite version of "Ice Ice Baby" in the kitchen. Be glad you weren't there. He was not, apparently, "2 Legit to Quit".

29. You can indeed feel smiles coming from the heavens. While certain Mom would have loved this man, her approval became certain when The Mister announced his obsession with the show, "Dallas".

28. Household projects are far better when they are done at the same house. Progress is much faster and the process is far more entertaining.

27. Laughter is a great medicine. Not a day goes by - usually not an hour- that he doesn't make me laugh. Gut-wrenching, tear-inducing, my-stomach-hurts kind of laughing.

26. Things miraculously get fixed around here. At the mere mention that a handle is loose, or the back door squeaks or I wish I had a shelf there...and it is done.

25. Being on a budget or a diet (or both) is way better when you do it with someone else.

24. A Michigan winter is easier to tolerate when I don't have to fight with the beastly snowblower. EVAH.

23. I never realized the sheer joy that comes from hearing the words (or reading the text) that says, "Don't worry about dinner. I've got it covered."

22. When there is nothing to do, there is still someone to do it with.

21. While "divide and conquer" is a good idea in battle, three people shopping together at the grocery store only results in overspending.

20. Parenting is made easier with a second opinion.

19. Parenting is made more difficult with a second opinion.

18. While I was used to a rapidly-depleted fridge before with a teenager, it is safe to say, every night we start from scratch for dinner and I will never eat another leftover. Even if I wanted to.

17. New brakes on a car is a do-it-yourself project.

16. The family calendar will now have vacations planned out a year in advance and will include dates when the Red Sox come to town to play the Tigers.

15. I have been buying meat wrong for years. Having an expert who will shop for, purchase, divide and prepare meat in house is a money and taste bud saver.

14. Despite being a favorite sport of both of us, despite being the occasion of our first date, I will still watch most of the Super Bowl alone due to a three a.m. alarm for The Mister.

13. People say he will learn to adjust to me staying awake after he falls asleep, and that I will learn to sleep through his early alarm. Neither has happened in the first month.

12. We realized 30 days too late to call the deal off, that The Mister has never seen The Princess Bride in its entirety. We will do our best to remedy the situation by making him watch it and then quoting it incessantly.

11. Nerf wars will continue, but I am suddenly lacking a weapon. The boys each have theirs and will go to battle at the drop of a hat. My weapon, however, will be dismantled for parts. Suspicious indeed.

10. Scrabble can be very addictive. And competitive.

9. Conversations that reminisce about Pennsylvania will always creep us out a bit as we lived and ate and shopped at many of the same places, only at different times.

8. For a man who works with dead cows, he can get a group of second graders wound up pretty easily.

7. The washing machine and dishwasher never stop running.

6. The dog has never been happier. A bigger bed to sleep in, a buddy to come home at noon to play, and someone who loves to be in the snow as much as he does. (Oh, and someone who hates the cats, too!)

5. The Mister can do the best "I've been shot" impression.

4. It took us less than a month to be comfortable enough with each other to bring out the sweatpants, ball cap, lazy Saturday look. But we still refuse to go to WalMart like that.

3. No one hiccups like The Mister.

2. It takes all three of us to figure out the remotes to the TV, Direct TV, stereo and antenna.

1. I love every minute of this life together! Happy one month anniversary, Chief!