Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Blame the Kid

It was his half day that started it all. With The Mister, aka "Flash's Personal Taxi Driver," away, we didn't have many good options about getting Flash to his afternoon high school. The best option (in my opinion) was for me to drop him four and a half hours early when I went to work. He didn't much dig that plan.

I finally realized (again, I'm on cold meds) that while The Mister is out of town, his Jeep is in the garage. We are a two car family!! Flash was thrilled with the new plan that involved me taking the Jeep to work, while he slept in and eventually made his way to school in my car. The Mister gave his blessing with the forewarning that the Jeep was low on gas. No worries. I can put gas in the Jeep.

As it turned out, putting gas in the vehicle was about the only thing I actually knew how to do. I did NOT know:

-how to turn the headlights on
-how to turn on the dome light so I can find the headlight switch (Duh, it's a soft-top Jeep. There isn't a dome light!)
-how to get the key out of the ignition
-how to get into or out of the Jeep in a skirt and heels
-how to decide if the low tire pressure light was important or a fluke
-know how much air pressure Jeep tires take
-know where The Mister might keep a tire gauge
-how to get back home, get a soon-to-be grumpy teen out of bed, get in MY car, dropped at school and still get to my classroom before the bells. (Not possible)
-how to remain calm while driving the Jeep to work, despite the low tire pressure light
-how to manage a vehicle on the highway that aerodynamically behaves like a sideways mobile home

The ride home was much more relaxed. The Mister had since responded that the tire pressure sensor is on the fritz and is nothing to worry about. It was daylight and I had no need for headlights (although I now know how to work them). The gas tank was full and I drove the back roads home, eliminating concerns over cross breezes and passing semi-trucks. As I enjoyed the curvy roads drenched in bright sunlight, confidently navigating my way, an oncoming Jeep reminded me I still have much to learn. I had not prepared myself for the mandatory "Jeep wave" from one Jeep driver to another!

Flash has another half day tomorrow. Perhaps by then I will be better prepared to drive the beloved Jeep!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Mister wasn't too happy when he found out he would be working in Detroit last week, but he met up with friends and enjoyed his hometown city and made the best of it.

He was even less thrilled, however, when after being back less than 48 hours, he was back out the door, this time headed west to Chicago, for another week away from home.

Back at the ranch, my sinus infection is still rearing its ugly head after ten days (again-as if six weeks at Christmas and sniffling through the "in sickness" parts of our vows wasn't enough) and to top it all of, I came down with my first ever case of pink eye-in both eyes today...

The Mister says he wishes he was home to help pick up my prescriptions and hand me the one thousandth tissue of the day, but I think he is secretly on the phone with his boss asking if they still need someone in Green Bay next week.

Just a hunch.

Monday, March 04, 2013

The First Day

The Mister left this morning for work related travel. I wasn't home an hour before his absence was tangibly felt. First, I had to make dinner. The whole dinner. And get plates and all ready. Even as Flash and I tried to point out the silver lining's I. the Mister's absence, (parking in the middle of the garage, sleeping in the middle of the bed...) I realized I couldn't even turn the TV on. I have no idea how to work all the remotes we have now. I handed them over to Flash and said, "you do it." He asked me what I wanted to do. I thought this was surely a trick question. I was handing him all the remotes to the TV, wasn't it rather clear I wanted the darn thing on?! Apparently, I had to specify antenna or satellite before I had even seen the menu of shows. Good grief.

Even with TV on, things didn't improve. Flash found a show he liked, which I promptly made fun of (he gave me permission to). But when I tired of that entertainment, I quickly started nagging him to teach me the game he was playing on his phone. Which must have been annoying to him because he started begging for The Mister to come home already.

Zoiks. We still have four more days of this.