Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mother Nature Flipped Too Many Calendar Pages

We yanked the chain link fence out.
We weeded and laid straw in the strawberry patch.
I've trimmed back the herbs and cleaned out that bed.
I've weeded the perennial bed on the north side of the house.
I've checked on the irises, tulips, daylillies and hostas that are shooting up.
I've squealed over the rhubarb and asparagus shoots coming up in the garden.
We've remarked over the greening of the raspberry and blackberry vines.
We're hopeful that the twice-killed blueberry bush might just make it yet.
He rototilled the garden.
I've mowed the lawn.

WHAT?!?! It's only mid-March in Michigan?!?!

New Hand Phone Policies for the Classroom

We were sitting at the rug at the end of the day, reading our chapter book together. It's always a difficult time for the kids to be quiet, no matter what book I choose. There's always a few who would rather chit chat than listen. One, in particular this day, was holing his hand up to his ear like a phone and having an ongoing conversation with himself while I read. I nudged and reminded, and finally I sent him off to his desk to sit with his head down until he could decide to be quiet on the rug.

He is always broken-hearted when I have to send him to his desk, but instead of going and sitting with his head down for a short-stay, he sat with his thumb and pinky still extended, talking into his make-believe phone. I gave him the "evil teacher glare" a couple of times, before using the words our students use themselves to stop unwanted behavior from others. "N, please stop, that's bothering me," I said.

N glared back at me with a look I've seen from my teenager a time or two, before focusing back on his hand-phone. I heard him say, "I have to go. I'll call you back later." Then, still glaring at me, he slowly hung up his "phone" on his desk as though I were the rude one for making him end his call so soon.

It was all I could do not to bust out laughing right then and there.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Am A Child Advocate

How could I not spread this?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How A College is Chosen

Flash and I are off on our first college visit next week.  We decided to start with the Mother of all choices  - University of Michigan - and, in my humble opinion, leave all others as obvious lesser options.  Might as well start with the best and know that from the start.

We've had a couple people try to sway our opinion already - WG is a Spartan through and through (although, if you remember, he did accompany us quite willingly to the Big House and even wore blue and maize for the occasion).  A respected colleague gave us a good recommendation about State, and while that might have sparked some interest, it didn't sway me from my Wolverine Mom status.

Today, however, I was informed that all bets are off.  Flash has determined that he is absolutely, without a doubt a Spartan.  I had no idea a mother's dreams could be dashed so easily.  I was not at all prepared for how quickly his mind became made up.  I certainly was not aware that he could base this life-changing decision on a single course offering.  I was forgetting who we were talking about - Flash.

MSU Offering Class on How to Survive the Zombie Pandemic

I can't make this up.  According to the website,, Michigan State is offering an online course teaching students "how to survive a zombie outbreak".  "Students will be separated into small groups of 'survivors' and receive information about the crisis situation."

Flash is already giddy about the idea of taking this class and he's two years away from entering college.

I hope Sparty knows how to fend off a zombie attack.  Personally, I'd rather Hail to the Victors and trust a Wolverine in the Apocalypse.  It doesn't matter, I think I just got out voted.

Check out the course description video - (as if Flash wasn't hooked already - just wait until he sees this)