Tuesday, December 02, 2008


She wasn't excited about her birthday.  I can understand that.  A sentiment of inverse proportions.  As the numbers increase it seems as though the enthusiasm for the day decreases.  It's easy to see why, on George's birthday, he brought treats to school, got to be the Star of the Week in class, wore a crown and got to have a guest eat lunch with him.  He had a party with a whole mess of his closest friends and relatives and had cupcakes that turned his mouth blue.  My sister?  Spent her day working, dealing with work related problems that were frustrating and time consuming.  Had to come to school to calm a panicked child (George was afraid he was going to miss all her birthday excitement by going to a friend's party tonight).    It's no fun turning 29 for the 10th time, is it, Jules?

But in fact, it was.  We went to dinner (minus George who was busy - and happy - playing laser tag) and we ate cake (1/5 my sister's favorite, 4/5 a flavor the rest of us could stomach).  She opened gifts once George returned home and we even sang to her (complete with "cha-cha-cha's).  

Minus the crown, I'd say she had a splendid day.

I hope the rest of her 39th year is splendid as well.

Happy Birthday, Jules!!!

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Anonymous said...

AND I ate some terrific german chocolate frosting for lunch today - right out of the container so I could save a piece of cake for later tonight! Thanks for making the day fun.