Sunday, August 24, 2008

Simple Gifts

Today, with heartfelt gratitude, I will return this beautiful laptop to my dad. I cannot begin to put into words what his gift of lending this to me for the summer has meant. More than any monetary gift, more than any other kindness, this truly showed me my dad cares about me. He recognized a need, but did not insult my independent spirit, he did not overstep his role as father, he did not make the effort to impress me or to win my favor, he simply saw a need and knew he had a short-term solution that would help. And it did.

I accepted his offer only because I wanted to put together my teaching portfolio this summer. In a perhaps optimistic spirit that I might get an interview, I wanted to have presentation materials ready and on-hand should I get a call. I certainly could have just visited my sister and used her computer if I had received an invitation to interview, but Dad's generosity allowed me to work at my own creative pace. Putzing with pages. Putting it aside and revising it days, weeks, later.

I do not find it at all ironic that tomorrow, the day after I return this computer to Dad, I have two interviews. With two districts. For two different full-time teaching positions. I do not know that I will be granted either one. But I do know that I will go confidently to the interview, knowing that I have put together a portfolio that reflects my teaching as well as my personality.

And I will know that it was my dad's thoughtfulness that made that possible.

Thanks, Dad. I love you, too.


Katrina said...

May God bless your interviews and lead you in the right direction! :)

stacy said...

amy, your dad is the best! :o)

i'm thinking of you today...praying all goes well with your interviews!