Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lake

We love to go to the lake.
We've been to three different lakeside towns searching for our favorite beach. The water has been cold, too cold to entice us in for a dip, but we dip our toes in and watch the sunset and in between we talk for hours about nothing and everything.

Just a walk, side-by-side along the water, can do wonders.

We're always amazed at the one-legged seagulls. (It's a joke.)

God's artwork in the sky.

Smiles and laughter.

(How come he's exponentially more photogenic than I am?)


Anonymous said...

Nice SH pic! I was going to tell you that the weatherman have been talking about how cold the lake has gotten and that it's due to our below normal temps. Jules

Hillary said...

Pshaw! You both look awesome! :)
And I love that footprints by the water picture!