Thursday, August 21, 2008

5 Days

LM comes home on Tuesday. I took a look in my fridge today and realized a trip to the store was mandatory. And pronto.

(Do note the penguin on the top shelf. He has been faithfully turning the light on and off in my fridge for years. Most dependable penguin I've ever met.)

The freezer. Frozen broccoli anyone?

I headed to the store. Not the one around the corner that I usually shop at. Not the one I have walked to all summer with ONE reusable bag on my shoulder and $15 in my pocket. No, no, I went to the BIG store. And I took FOUR reusable bags with me this time.

Ahhh, a stocked freezer. Meat, cheese and veggies. I can sleep at night now.

From a half gallon of milk to two full gallons that he'll consume within 10 days of his arrival. Veggies, fruit, salad, lunch meat....we might make it through next week before he asks me "what's there to eat?"

When I opened the crisper to put in potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and green pepper it actually said, "I thought you had forgotten about me." Guess I haven't had a need for the crisper drawer all summer. Poor neglected thing. I hope the penguin has been keeping it company.

*I was talking with LM this afternoon and told him I didn't think he could come home. "Why?" he inquired. "Well, LM, you see, I went to the grocery store today..." "Oh heavens" was his understanding reply. "LM, I just don't think I can afford for you to come home." "Mom? Let me ask you this. Which will cost you more, the grocery bills when I come home, or the therapy bills if I don't?"

Touche, LM, touche.


stacy said...

a boy can live on cheerios and mac-n-cheese if he has to, but he can't live without his mom!

Jennifer said...

He is definitely a chip off the old block - and by old, I mean that figuratively speaking, of course!

Hillary said...

He DOES have a point! :) He's got a greatsense of humour, that kid!