Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Fun It Is

He wasn't back in my presence for five minutes and we were teasing and laughing and cracking jokes at each other.  

In the car, he started talking about helping his grandpa out at work. 

LM:  "You know, it's really hard to understand a man on the phone who has just lost his son to cancer."

me:  "Why?  Was he crying?"

LM:  "No.  But Grandpa has known him longer and he can understand him really well.  I had a difficult time knowing what he was saying most of the time."

me:  ????

LM:  "But it is really cool to see how he moves his food around in his mouth by politely using his fork."


me:  (laughing)  "LM, I thought you said he lost his son to cancer.  You said his 'tongue', didn't you?"

LM busts out laughing.

Later on the drive, LM starts whistling.  He immediately stops himself and says, "Oh, right, no whistling indoors (my rule)."  He then proceeds to roll down the car window and lean his head out.  He was laughing too hard to whistle.

LM is taller, just as thin but his voice is deeper and his face has really broken out.  So far, he still thinks dating sounds disgusting (I had to ask) but I can tell changes are a comin'.  When we arrived back home, LM was unloading a bag of groceries while I finished bringing in his 1005 things from the car.  I heard a voice ask, "Mom?  Should I put the Boboli pizza crust in the fridge?"  But I didn't even recognize it as his voice until I was inside and saw him standing there looking at me holding the Boboli.  This deeper voice is going to take some getting used to!

I could post 100 things from our day that have already made me smile, made me laugh, made my heart just leap with joy for being with him.  But I'm going to go fix dinner and enjoy an evening with my boy.  


stacy said...

LOL! you two should put together a comedy routine!

so glad LM is home safe and sound, enjoy!

Mig said...

Yipeeeeee!!!! Welcome back LM!

SlushTurtle said...

I'm so happy you have your LM home!!!

Jennifer said...

What?!? No KICK'N tonight? So glad LM made it home in one piece, even if the pieces are bigger and sound different :)