Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What We've Learned

While the cousins were here, we've learned a few things:

1. The cousins don't like beef stew.
2. They don't like Mom's French cookies either.
3. Birdy will ditch out on Girl's Chick Flick Time to go play Spore with the boys.
4. Mom (Aunt Fred) will have to repeat, "I am the shoe!" over and over during Monopoly to remember which game piece is hers.
5. Everyone will enjoy eating dinner in their pajamas.
6. The dog will be ready for bed before anyone else is.
7. The lack of common sense in the group will become overly apparent during a game of Yahtzee.
8. George will get a Yahtzee during your explanation of how you don't really take a turn to go for a Yahtzee unless it's your last turn.
9. When you check on the kids sleeping in the living room, you will find George snuggled up on Birdy's couch. When you gently wake him to move him back to his own, he will explain, "there were too many cats over there" for why he had to move.
10. While EA Sports might have designed the NASCAR game to include racing strategy, the boys will simply use it as a demolition derby.

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