Friday, April 03, 2009

I Won't

open it.
listen to it.
read it.
respond to it.
be guilted or manipulated.
feel responsible.
be accountable for your choices.
go back.
reconstruct a bridge that burned to the ground.
believe your accusations.
go against what God, my pastor, an elder, my friends, my family and my heart are telling me.
live a life focused on the negative.
forget the things you have said in anger.
put aside the lies you told.
participate in a pity party.

change my mind.

talk badly of you.
think badly of you.
quit caring about your kids.
be ungrateful for what I've learned.
withhold forgiveness.
be distrustful.
cast blame outside of myself.
stop believing that God's plan is better than I can imagine.
ignore the blessings that have come.
avoid you.
be filled with anger or bitterness.
leave church.
allow this to negatively impact my spiritual walk.
think I have the power to do what only God can do.

stop praying for you.