Thursday, April 09, 2009

Broiled, Twice Baked and Nuked

Well, let's just say something was amok with the pork tenderloin roast. My guess is that the portion of pork that I had in my possession was not quite the same sort of pork portion that my second mom thought I had.

Because broiling for 6 minutes on each side yielded a remarkably raw tenderloin roast.

So, I changed plans and put it in the oven for 45 minutes, until it was past time for us to leave to go to church.

And when we returned, I put it back in the oven but wasn't sure how long between the pork getting hot and the pork drying out completely so I finally took it out and cut it open (again) only to find it cold, so I just stuck it in the microwave.

So we had broiled, twice baked and nuked pork tenderloin roast for dinner.

With potatoes that were likewise, twice baked, broiled, and then nuked.

With a side of warm applesauce that had been put out on plates when we thought dinner was originally going to be ready.


(It actually wasn't too bad, but I want credit for cooking three meals instead of just the one.)

Now, if only I could get the pan that was broiled and twice baked clean.

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stacy said...

perhaps the recipe was intended for pork loin chops not a roast...