Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rosie and Gabby

I was guilted and backed into a corner and persuaded and did I mention guilted?  But mostly I was backed into a corner.  In front of Pam's brothers.  And so I agreed.  Temporarily.  But the "temporary" part wasn't heard, I don't think.

And so now, I am reluctantly fostering two of Pam's cats.  They are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but with a cat and a dog of my own, and a paycheck (and an apartment) the size of a postage stamp, taking on two additional pets isn't what I had in mind right now.  

They are living in my bedroom right now, behind closed doors.  Gabby will come out when I go to bed and talk to me and snuggle right up with me.  His motor will run and he will just enjoy all the love I can give him.

He is a real sweetheart, but the woman who had them before me had trouble with Gabby.  He was aggressive with her male cat and I'm afraid he'll do much the same with mine.  We haven't tried yet. 

Rosie is a sweetie.  She wants to come to you on her terms but she's a doll.  She's quiet and calm.  She didn't get worked up when she met Jonah (our cat) or Eli (our dog) until Eli got a little excited and then she was ready to hide somewhere.  She sleeps on my bed but hasn't said a word since she arrived. 

It was Pam's wish that they would be kept together as they have been for 8 years.  But at this point, we're having so much difficulty placing them that we may have to separate them.  I think they will do just fine.  

It's hard to have her cats and yet not feel as though I can keep them.  I would, if we lived in a house and had the room and the funding for more pets.  And if they got along with the pets we already consider part of the family.  But for now, I will love them like Pam would and I will pray that someone somewhere will realize they need a wonderful cat in their home.  I know the perfect ones.

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