Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I need help.

I don't celebrate Halloween.

But I work in an elementary school this year and Halloween is a mandatory celebration complete with costume parade.

My fall-back costume from when I was young just won't do.

These kids don't know who Pippi Longstocking is.

I thought maybe I could be Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, but even that might be above the heads of Kindergarteners through second graders.



Katrina said...

Hmmm...tough call. You could be the Cat in the Hat with the tall stripey hat and a red bow tie and some painted on whiskers. Or the Teacher from the Black Lagoon--just paint your face green, wear wire rimmed spectacles, pin on a green lizard tail, and carry around a paper with a big red "F" on it. (I'm not sure you could fabricate the smoke coming out of her nostrils, though.)

Okay, that's it. I'm tapped out for ideas. :)

Mig said...

You could be a lucky lepracuan.


Anonymous said...

I like the Cat in the Hat idea! The only other easy suggestions I have are all medical (go figure). Last year, Rebecca wore all white and made a simple nurses hat out of paper with a red cross and that went over well (we found it at www.familyfun.com) or if you really want to be comfortable, I can loan you a pair of scrubs and a toy stethoscope and you can be a doctor or nurse.
Sorry, that's all I'm coming up with at the moment!

Anonymous said...

The grinch!!! Or how about the wicked witch of the west!!! Or how about (insert mean character here). I am just kidding. How about little red ridding hood or a fairy princess. The students would like that. TB

Hillary said...

hehe! I like the Cat in the Hat idea, too. But I was was also thinking that you could just SHOW a few Magic school bust videos between now and then! Little educational fun for them, little breather time for you (or assesment time!). Call it research! :)

Jennifer said...

Any Disney Princess would work with Kindergarten kiddos :) You'd be the hit of the parade with the girls!!! Red hair - Ariel - see, easy, breezy!

Anonymous said...

I think Pippi is a great idea - you can tell them that it was your favorite book when you were little. I just asked Birdie and she said "yes I know who that is, I read the book in 2nd grade". So, problem solved!!! Oh yes, the teachers in your building - some of them have awesome costumes. The parade will better this year. . .no "stations" like you and I did last year - the teachers will be handing out bags in the room from the PTO to speed it all up. Jules

Jennifer said...

So, what did you decide on? And, more importantly, will there be pictures?!?