Sunday, May 03, 2009

Which is Probably Not a Good Thing

My sister and Bear had an "animated discussion" about how to waterproof the camper. My sister believed you did it from the inside out. Bear thought they should do it from the outside in. In any case, the discussion turned to enough of an argument that my father, visiting for the weekend sought out another task to accomplish while the two held court in the back yard.

George came out after awhile to see what everyone was up to. When he popped his head into the camper, he said, "I see Mom won," a statement to which his father adamantly replied that she had not won, he was simply tired of arguing. George then asked where Papa was.

My sister chuckled and explained that Papa wasn't so used to such discussions and probably had gone seeking shelter from World War III.

George calmly replied, "I'm used to it. I'm way used to it!"

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