Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He Gets It From Me

Flash didn't go to the practice last night, the one we had 2 1/2 hours of notice for. Neither, apparently, did half the band - go figure. The band director decided today that they are no longer playing their "Phantom of the Opera" piece tonight. The ONE piece Flash was actually excited about playing. He's talked about it for months. This is also the piece that the band director had greatly offended Flash on, when he invited the high school band to come perform it with the middle schoolers for the concert. Flash took that as an insult, that his band wasn't good enough to play the piece on their own and had to call in the big dogs. The band director wasn't sympathetic to Flash's point of view.

And today he pulls the piece from the lineup.

Flash got a little angry.

After band, in private he told the director about his disappointment and the director told Flash that he was welcome to attend the high school concert next Wednesday and play Phantom then. Flash said the other songs they are playing tonight are too easy and don't demonstrate their talent. Flash told the director he wasn't going to play in the concert if this was all they were performing and the director told Flash that he would then receive an F for a grade.

I was lucky enough to have an email from Flash telling me all this during my wonderful day at work. The day that was striving to be better than yesterday.

So I put a call in to the principal and I explained to him my concerns. First, about the remarkably short notice on things. Secondly, on the high school being asked to perform. And last, on the lack of any consideration given to the musicians within the band (not just Flash) who CAN play. Couldn't the director have given them a small ensemble piece to perform at the concert? Couldn't they have gone to state contest this year? Couldn't something have been done to keep those students challenged and growing in their musical abilities? This year has been nothing but frustrating to Flash as his band director wants to hold him up as the symbol of great musical ability, but doesn't want to allow Flash any opportunity to play up to his ability.

The principal met with Flash and tried to explain. And Flash has agreed to go to the concert tonight. But he's still pissed. I mean, really pissed.

I suspect he will sit in his first chair spot. And he will hold his trumpet high. But I'm wondering if his trumpet is going to make a single sound tonight. I suspect it might be participating in a silent protest.

I can't blame the kid. I really can't.

It's exactly what I would have done.

Oh tonight will be so much fun.

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Jennifer said...

Well, tonight is over, so you need to fill-in the details :)