Monday, May 18, 2009

Sex Ed: 403 - Apparently More Than Just the Basics

I realize Sex Ed can be intimidating for most parents. We worry that our children are going to learn too much, or hear things their innocent hearts shouldn't even think of yet. But once you've had to explain to your son the logistics of his father's gay partnership, everything else is cake. Or so I thought.

Over dinner tonight, Flash was venting yet again about how ridiculous he considers these classes to be. "Mom, here's what I don't get. Some kid actually asked out loud, 'What is oral sex exactly?' I mean, DUH, does it get any more obvious than that? He even followed that one up by asking the teacher to clarify what 'anal sex' was! Can you believe it? I mean, are they really just that stupid?"

I'm sure I had a deer-in-the-headlights look as I calculated just exactly how old I when I first learned what those two things were.

But if you'll pardon me for just a moment, I think I'll go stick a pillow over my head and scream at the thought that my 13 year old is that casually aware of these things already. I'm too scared to even ask how he knows these things. I'm praying it was just some really thorough sex ed classes last year. Something I never thought I would wish for. (He actually justified his knowledge as just being "the logical explanation" for the word. I'm going to go with that.)