Monday, May 11, 2009


Don't ask how Mother's Day was. With all good intentions by many people to make sure I had a good one, it's still a holiday I would like to wipe clean off the calendar. Let's just say, it wasn't a good day.

To boot, I had someone who wanted to argue with me about why we should be friends. I guess I just don't get it. I mean, if you're NOT friends with someone, is there a point to arguing the why? In any case, as par for the course, that exchange was full of unnecessary drama, information and explanations I don't even care the slightest bit about. I have many reasons for not feeling friendly towards this person and I think that's enough to let it go.

Today wasn't much better of a day. It started in Jacob's principal's office. Which I won't even go into all the details of except to say that I believe boys will sometimes be boys and sometimes they work their issues out physically and well, apparently I'm in the wrong.

But then at work, I got asked (or told) to cover lunch and recess duty and if that isn't just crazy enough on it's own, it meant that I didn't get a lunch. Which is fine, except that it really seemed to bother a LOT of other people that I didn't get time for lunch and so then I feel annoyed because isn't it my issue and not theirs?

I sat through a training session today that was 75% sales pitch on why we should have Macs in our schools (I'm all in favor, but I'm far from a deciding vote) and 25% on podcast training (which again, I'm all in favor of, but I'm lacking a bit of an idea of what we might podcast in a K-2 building).

And then I find out when I get home that Flash has band rehearsal tonight. That we just found out about today. In addition to a concert that is tomorrow. That the flyer only just went home today. I only happen to already know about it because I've nagged my child enough that he found out early for me. But really? 2 1/2 hours notice on a practice and 26 hours notice on a concert? Yeah, that doesn't sit well with me. I'd really like to give the band director 10 1/2 hours notice that his first chair trumpet player won't be there, but ya know, I'll try to be nice and play by the rules.

So, to say I'm grumpy would be an understatement, but I decided to put it aside and have some fun. Flash is all but printed for his homework (thanks to seven hours of work on it on Mother's Day - ahem) and so we were headed outside to play washers. Until he took the dog out and did a stupid thing with the dog wherein he knocked over my newly planted herb planter. Which might not have been such a big deal if it didn't have newly planted seeds in it. And I can't even make him clean it up because these plants are my babies and he won't handle them with the proper sense of care and so out I go to clean up dirt and hope the seeds somehow surface to the top.

Which is when the dog decided to escape and go running around the neighborhood. To which, I came inside, closed the door and said, "well, that's one less mouth to feed" but the boychild took offense and went out and brought the mutt home.

So, perhaps no washers at this point. Perhaps a glass of wine, a hot bath and an early bedtime and a fresh start tomorrow. A day filled with true, dear, sweet friends, not wanna-be's. A day filled with practical, important information and time well-spent at work. Perhaps a nutritious meal might even be squeezed into the game plan. And if all goes well, maybe I'll even enjoy the band concert. Well, that might be pushing it.


Jennifer said...

Or maybe you need a bottle of wine, a jacuzzi, and ear plugs :)

stacy said...

hugs to you, amy! i am way behind on my emailing, i hope to catch up with you today...for mother's day, C gave me his sore throat. lol. sorry your m.d. was rough!