Friday, October 03, 2008

Where My Heart Is

I didn't know they would gasp.  I knew I was teaching the Kinders things they had never seen before on a computer, but when I showed them how to "blow up" their screen in KidPix to start a new drawing, I didn't know they would gasp.  I'll admit, I giggled a little.   I didn't know they were unaware of screen savers and the simple joy they would get when I would tiptoe over to a "sleeping" computer to demonstrate how to jiggle the mouse to "wake it up".  

I didn't realize how impressed the First Graders would be that I could work on a computer right next to me and show it up on the big projection screen.  That alone might have won me Teacher of the Year.

I was surprised at how excited the Second Graders were to make an ABC book for the Kindergarten classes.  The enthusiasm of the teachers when I handed them their completed books was as overwhelming as the kids.  They were proud of what they created.  I was proud for them.

It's not my ideal.  I miss teaching math, giving spelling tests and talking about butterflies and synonyms.  But for now, it's a steady, albeit small paycheck and I have these little blessed moments of joy tucked into my days.  

Besides, one of the Kindergarten teachers told me that the kids are as excited about Technology Class as they are about gym.  Ranking right up there with gym?  Now that's something to be proud of!

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stacy said...

thanks for the peek into your classroom, you look great! enjoy showing your students the magic is magic as far as i'm concerned! how come i type something here and it goes there? in an instant? i still don't get it! ;o)