Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been reading, I just haven't been posting about what I've read.  I added a few of my latest reads on my list to the right, but I've already forgotten some of the titles I read this summer.  

I won't do a review for each, I've found I'd rather just move on to my next waiting book than to write about what I've read (reminds me of school) but I will say this:  I enjoyed "Eat, Pray, Love" even though I don't agree with everything she has to say.  And I really enjoyed "Edgar Sawtelle" although if you're not that into dogs or the human spirit, then perhaps this book is not for you.  As for Nicholas Sparks, all I can say is that his writing has been very disappointing to me lately.  I doubt I will reach for his next novel nearly so quickly and I will wait for someone to tell me it's as great as "The Notebook" before I plunge in.  

Now then, I have five days until I'm back to my own novel writing and until then, I still have some unread books on my nightstand.  

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