Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Without Holding My Breath

I'm trying to remain optimistic. We've chatted, Wrangler guy and me. He asked if I wanted to do something this week, and much to the dismay of both of us, we can't find much else to do in 10 degree weather in Michigan than to go see a movie. So we shall. And we have another date already set for this weekend as well.

Which is providing much fodder for my teenager. Because he, too, has a date for this weekend. Let me take a moment to tell THAT story.

Flash has been "going out" with this remarkably sweet, smart girl since they returned to school from Christmas break. A couple weekends ago, she invitedhim over to her house to meet her parents. Only, the parents could never really decide on a time and I said it was rude to show up "just anytime" for the first time. He said it would be better if her parents just officially invited him. They eventually just decided to skip it.

But the gf had other ideas.

When I arrived home on Friday from school, Flash handed me this piece of paper. He was laughing still as he handed it over. It was a piece of computer paper, but tea-stained, burned around the edges and sealed with wax. It read:

And then I looked at Flash and said, "She's perfect for you."

And if we had any doubt, she and Flash have been sharing their collection of zombie books this week. It's true love, I tell you.

So, in any case, by Saturday evening, Flash will have "met the parents" for the first time in his dating career and I will have tried to have a successful second date with a remarkably sweet, eligible man.

Wish us both luck.

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