Monday, February 14, 2011


I cannot remember a single Valentine's Day that didn't suck. It sucked when I was young, it sucked when I was married (don't ask), it has sucked every year since as I have always been single. It just is a sucky day, much like NYE that as a single person, you just hope passes quickly and we move the calendar right over to the 15th without delay.

Being a first-year third grade teacher of 25 9 year olds, I was prepared for this year to suck more than ever. And while it certainly had it's exhausting never-do-that-again moments, I will say this, my 25 9 year olds were pretty awesome today. If for no other reason that the call by little Mike at the end of the day for a GROUP HUG!!!!!! (it always makes me laugh from my gut when they decide we need to do this!)

I came home to an unappreciative teenager (what's new there?) and pulled out the lasagne I had secretly prepared yesterday and got dinner in the works. "Wrangler Guy" as many of you have dubbed him came over to join us for dinner and we had fun conversation while we ate.

He brought me two sweet gifts: a miniature rosebush plant and seedling kits and seeds to get my vegetable garden started. For a man who has only known me for little more than a week, he sure knows me well already. He was sweet and helpful and funny.

So for today, for this moment, for this year, V-day did not suck. And that is refreshing indeed.