Sunday, February 06, 2011

For the Marrieds Part 2 (Why It's REALLY Good to Be You)

I went on a lunch date with another guy yesterday. I had really been impressed with this guy. He was intelligent, articulate and hard-working. I was only hesitant about the lunch date because of the events of the week had made me leary of dating again, but I psyched myself up, donned a positive attitude and went.

The lunch conversation included the following:

- his expulsion from two high schools
- his only recent decision to stop sleeping with women on the first date
- his time working in an adult bookstore
- the one long-term relationship he had ended because of his drug and alcohol issues
- how he handled an issue with his mother's adopted daughter by belting her so hard it left welts
- his two arrests for battery (of gay men)

On and on he talked. He was a confident man, only had a woman break up with him the one time and always felt certain he would get a second date.

Except this time.


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