Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh To Be Retired (Yes, it's about You, Dad!)

I've really been impressed as of late. My dad has come a long (LONG) way. He not only has wireless interent at his house and a LAN so he can print from anywhere, not only does he have a huge plasma TV and satellite to the house, but he recently bought himself an iTouch (after getting one for my second mom and watching her love hers so very much).

He even sent me his very first text message the other day and has my blog as an icon on his iTouch.

I'm impressed beyond words.

But when my sister shares that my dad is FREEZING their food trash so it doesn't "stink up the trash"? Yeah, you may have taken a dozen steps forward into the technological era, Dad, but freezing your trash? Yeah, that just aged you. You are SO like your father. (Love ya!)


Roger Wilson said...
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Amy said...

I do want to point out that it was my sister who discovered that Dad was utilizing this ancient art of garbage preservation and perhaps now she can benefit from the technique as well and never have to deal with a maggot issue again! Heck, maybe when they are running short on groceries, they might just defrost the racoon and have it for dinner!! Think of the possibilities!