Sunday, July 12, 2009

It was only an uncle and a godfather at first. Then the occasional friend at school. I've noticed it more and more over the years, but it's almost always his peers, rarely adults. He's not adamant about it either way. Call him this, call him that, it's all good in his book.

But today. Today, printed in the church bulletin as a participant for the mission trip this week was his name. Flash's short name. It seemed like a typo to me. I mean, sure, to his buds he's the short version, but always for me, and certainly for official purposes, he's always going to be the full-fledge FLASH, right?

I was sharing this oddity with my sister at which point she said, "Um, Papa and G'ma call him the short version all the time now." WHAT?!?!

When did this happen?

Apparently when he was in TN a couple weeks ago, the cousin he was down there with asked which he preferred and Flash? said the short version. And so the short version it is.

Mind you, I have no problem with this at all. It's exactly WHY he got the name he got (or a name like it anyway). I don't have a name you can shorten. It's just short. There's nothing more formal about it. And I wanted him to have the option.

Which apparently he's decided to start exercising that option.

No matter what the bulletin read this morning, though, he'll always be full-fledged Flash to me.

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Myra said...

WOW, I don't know if I can call him the short version either. Especially now that he's getting so tall. It seems a name should gtow WITH you not get shorter, ...yes? Have I said that I miss you guys?