Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can I Get a Shot for That?

Flash hasn't been to the doctor for a physical since we moved to MI. Since his docs in PA were the last to see him, I had his dad schedule an appointment while he was out there this summer. Today is apparently the day.

Text message from Flash: "today is doc day. ew."

Mom: "hang in there, you've had much worse things to deal with than simple silly shots." (7 teeth extracted, a frenectomy, laser treatments to his face...)

Mom: "Flash? While you're there, take advantage of the doc and ask any questions you have!"

Flash: "Questions? What questions would I have? You mean like, 'is there a cure for crazy'?"

I call them questions about puberty, you call them questions about insanity. It's all the same thing really, isn't it?

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