Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mechanics: Just Out to Screw Ya

My car had to get worked on today.  Brakes.  Ugh. I had to get a loner car to take to work and I couldn't figure out how to unlock the doors, or how to set cruise control in the dark.  The worst part is always the bill.  Their is no such thing as a car repair bill under $250.  I dropped the loaner off and some kid was pulling in with my car, having taken it for a test drive to check out the new brakes, I guess.

"Well?" I asked.

"They are amazing!" replied Flash, getting out of my car.  

"I hope so.  You came in the drive a little hot, and I was worried about the garage remaining intact."

"Oh please.  The Mister did an awesome job on the brakes, Mom.  You should have seen the pads he took off.  You definitely needed new ones!"

"Another amazing thing about being married, Flash.  The Mister is sure helpful, isn't he?"

"Hey, Mom, did you get to school okay in the Jeep?  Did you figure out the cruise control?"

"Finally, yes.  I knew where it was located, just took me awhile to figure out if I pushed the lever up to set, or down, or pushed the button, or what.  I got it now."

"Good, cause the door locks sure had you confused at the bus stop."

"Yeah, I know.  Some day I will have the Jeep all figured out.  I better go in and thank The Mister."

New brakes.  By The Mister.  For $35 and an hour of his time.  Seems like a great deal, but why do I always get screwed by the mechanic?!?  (That is so funny in my head, I had to put it.  But I know my dad reads this.  Sorry, Dad!) 

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