Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well Done

During the past three years, I have been remarkably fortunate to be a part of training at school designed to realign how we teach reading and writing skills with what brain research has been discovering.  From the very start, it appealed not only to my analytical mind, giving order to a language that seems at first glance to be full of exceptions and not many rules, but also, it appealed to the teacher in me, truly helping me to empower my students to discover, defend and celebrate their own accomplishments instead of relying on memorization or a teacher to provide the answers.

As seems true with anything new, this new process has been met with resistance, and as the training continued through the months, the negativity rose and the level of commitment to the program by many dropped dramatically.

I have been wishing for someone on our staff to step up and lead this new program, to keep it supported and strong.  To encourage and help others.  To train, to motivate, to provide answers if possible.  I have been hoping for someone to begin a focus on the parents in our community, to teach them parts of the program so it stops being something foreign, and becomes something they advocate for, too.  I have been waiting for someone to make this program a priority.  

To say I have been frustrated would be quite the understatement.  But I am not here to argue my case for the program.

I have been reading a book called, Love Does by Bob Goff, which has really challenged  me to DO more with my life and faith and passions.  Tonight, as I closed the book (figuratively.  Reading on an iPad takes away all my idioms.) I realized how true Mr. Goff's words were and how I would like to discover ways in my life where I can DO more, instead of just THINKING, or in this case, complaining more.  

I shared a chuckle with God tonight when I realize how dense I have been.  (I am so grateful that His patience is endless, because he must really wonder if I will ever listen sometimes.)  

Today, as I left school, my principal asked if I would be interested in being committee chair for language arts in our building.  After a few questions, I readily agreed, and while it isn't an appointment carved in stone just yet, I can see God's hands in the process.

As Chair, I would have the position and power to help influence our decisions on the exact topic I have grown so passionate about.  The curriculum for reading that I am concerned about, would now be a topic of our meetings and considerations.  I am exactly the person I have been hoping for.  

I am certain God's plan for my "To Do" list goes far beyond "support new reading curriculum", but perhaps it is where I start.  I know, at the end, I hope to hear the words, "Well, DONE, my good and faithful servant", so I had better get to doing.  

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