Sunday, August 19, 2012


My garden has had its struggles this year.  My zucchini plant has died, a fate I have wished upon an over-producing plant in years past, but this event occurred long before my freezer was full.  My pumpkins were ready weeks ago, and thus met their fate of being a treat for my friend's cow.  My cucumbers simply decided this was not their year at all and my cantaloupe is still trying to decide what to do.  The one plant that never ceases to amaze me with productiveness, however, is the cherry tomato.  I only ever plant one cherry plant, and yet, by mid-August, I am certain I could feed most of Michigan with just that one plant.  Having eaten more than my year's quota this past month, having given away to all that would take and having bowls upon bowls still sit upon my counter, I decided to try something new.  And so, on this cool, August morning, my house is filled with the amazing aroma of slow-roasting tomatoes.

I followed a recipe (well, vaguely, you all know that I think recipes are just basic outlines not to be heeded too closely) that I found online and in a few hours we will sample our first batch of slow-roasted tomatoes.  If what I read is any indication, my attitude towards my ever-producing plant may very well change.  I hope to stock the freezer with this delectable treat, to enjoy in the depths of Michigan winter, when summer seems like an impossible dream.
At the moment, the only thing that surprises me is that WG, living just four miles away, hasn't smelled these roasting and shown up on my doorstep.  Perhaps when I get the bread baking, with visions of bruschetta later, he will come running.

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