Tuesday, July 17, 2012

His Johnson

I have been single off on and for a dozen years or so. I have learned to be cautious and careful. Even when I lived in PA, I always told my sister (back in helpless MI) where I was going and as much about the guy as I knew. She always waited for my "safe and sound" phone call to know she didn't need to call the National Guard. I don't let men pick me up for a date until I have gotten to know them pretty well, and I don't go to a guy's house until the same conditions have been met. Even so, I recognize axe murderers can be patient folk, and so I want to be sure about my next move.

After four dates, New Guy has asked me to come to his house to help him with his Johnson. He said something about it being eighteen inches, or was it feet?!? He said it wasn't pumping right or something and he could use an extra hand getting it to work. I am just not sure....should I go?

All kidding aside, I accepted the opportunity to go help him put a new water pump in his eighteen foot bass boat with a Johnson motor. It is the first time in my dating history that the guy has invited me to his house before being at mine. I am looking forward to it! Jules, keep that cell phone close by, just in case, though. You know how angry men can get when their Johnsons don't work properly, especially in the presence of a woman!

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