Friday, July 06, 2012

Burma Update #5

So! I'm back in Yangon, though tomorrow (Saturday) will be my last
full day here; we fly out to Singapore on Sunday.

We didn't do too much in Mandalay--mostly sightseeing, though we did
do some connection-making with the youth there. (I think I handed out
my email to about seven different people, though Facebook still has
its reign here. They find it hard to believe that, as an American, I
don't have one.)

Here in Yangon I'm doing some work with the communication department
here, working on getting media for a website that we'll set up back in
the States. They were quite happy to have me transfer all 1455 photos
to their system, along with ten gigs of video, all of which I'm sure
will be put to good use.

When I get back to the States, I'll edit and upload a chunk of the
images I've taken, and the full library will be availible to download
after a couple weeks (hopefully). Similarly, I plan to upload some of
the more interesting videos to Youtube, for those of you that want to
watch them.

Also, for those of you not aware, I plan to write up several
articles/journaly thingies upon my return, so you'll have a more
detailed account of all that's gone on here. I'll provide links in
further emails.

Until then, cheers


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