Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peach Goo Anyone?

My house is easily 112 degrees. My dishwasher is running a full load and I still have two bit pots on the stove that will need washing. I have four beautiful jars of canned peaches on my counter waiting to be processed. I have 5 processed and not so pretty jars sitting on my table cooling off. I have 7 jars in the canner at the moment boiling their little hearts out although I'm wondering why I bother at this point since I pretty much filled the jars with peach goo.

When I visited the orchard two days ago, the woman asked me exactly what I wanted peaches for, and I said, "for canning." She asked me when I would be canning and I replied, "within the next few days." And with that information she led me right to very specific trees with very specific instructions on just what kind of peaches to pick.

Two days later I have a house full of fruit flies, smooshy, gushy peaches and I'm so disgusted that I may never actually eat a peach again.

This has been the most disgusting, disappointing, frustrating process. My only saving grace is that it cost me a grand total of $30, so if the canned peaches taste as bad as the process, well, I won't feel too badly.

It's currently 11:15 and I still have 15 minutes left on this batch in the canner and then another batch to go, which easily takes 30 minutes to get up to boiling and then they need to process for another 30 minutes.

Ugh. I think that's my word of the day. Ugh.


stacy said...

maybe you'll be able to spread it on an english muffin. it might be good!

SlushTurtle said...

What are you making? I made peach jam and peach butter. They were rather sticky. Hatchling has eaten almost all the peach jam, so I'm thinking I need to make some more if I can find more peaches this week! I'm also going to buy as many tomatoes as I can find. :)