Sunday, August 02, 2009

I know it was no small thing for him to ask. He talked about it while he was still here. I had mentioned the idea, but I think he was nervous about asking his dad, about imposing, and presuming.

But today for the first time outside of his grandparent's church, my boy sat with his FATHER at church. At our old church. In a pew next to our dearest friends.

And while I wish I could have been there, while I wish I could have hugged Myra and Ken and while I miss having my boy next to me in church, I can recognize this as a wonderful event just as it is. A big moment. A brave moment for my boy. And a generous one by his dad.

Thank you, Myra and Ken for your warmth. Jacob would not have gone there if you hadn't been there.

And thank you to J, for taking our boy and sitting beside him in a pew. I hope it was no small thing to you, either.

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Myra said...

It was no small thing to me. Anytime a young man and his dad sit side by side, bibles open I am in awe. As I always am at God's gushing desire to ooze into the lives of hearts bent toward Him. I hope to see these two men again. I am impressed by the gifts they both have. Excellences. Wits. Both so dear to the One who wired them. Today I am praying for each one. And you.