Monday, August 10, 2009

Much Ado

So I haven't been posting. Most of you don't seem to be noticing, but I've had a couple comments and nudges and some flat out remarks. It's not for lack of material (see previous post - comments such as those are a daily occurence with George around) it's for lack of time and energy.

What?! Me lacking time and energy? I know. Things change in a hurry around here, keep up.

It's a "be careful what you wish for" reminder as I have been bored to tears without my boy at home this summer when lo and behold I get an offer to do some side work for school and now all I do is laminate and cut it would seem.

But it's money. And right now, money in the bank is a blessing.


There seems to be movement on the house. After months of silence and waiting, I was informed last week that there is forward movement on the short sale and the seller's bank may wish to close soon and suddenly on the house. Translated: OH MY GOODNESS.

When we moved from PA to MI (if you recall, it's still a bit blurry in my mind) we went from sold to moved in less than 2 weeks' time. I was hoping for something a little less hectic this time around. And I may still get my wish. Even if they wish to close soon, I still have 30 days on my lease from the point that I give notice, so the move itself might be leisurely even if nothing else seems to be at this time.

But, the good news is that God has been providing. I've patchworked summer jobs (summer school, two babysitting jobs and now this extra work) which has replenished my down payment money and is now giving me some cushion (which helps me sleep at night). And closing before school starts would be a benefit to Flash who would prefer not to start at the new middle school only to switch back to the one he has been attending should we move.

So in a nutshell, I spend my days babysitting and cutting. My evenings are spent fetching boxes and cutting. And when I get an extra moment, I sleep. I hope you'll forgive me for not blogging more often. At some point I realize I'm going to have to squeeze in some packing.

Note: Flash doesn't know the latest news on the house. As there is still a level of uncertainty, I didn't want him to get his hopes up again only to have them dashed. He truly loves this house and it would delight him senseless if we were to actually get our hands on it. Until I know for certain that it's going to be ours, I'm going to keep mum. For those of you that read and know Flash IRL, would you please not mention it just yet? Of course, it could be quite a shock when I pick him up in September and drive him to a new home across town!!


Katrina said...

Oooh, exciting stuff! I hope it works out wonderfully!

stacy said...

oh good! new material! i, for one, have been missing your absence on your blog. haven't you noticed on sitemeter that i click on about 8 times daily to see if maybe you've posted!?!

and i am praying for all of the details to work out on the house. i know what a blessing it would be for you and J.

Mig said...