Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waiting On a Woman

It's a great Brad Paisley song if you haven't heard it.  About an old man talking with a younger man about how he's always 'waiting on a woman'.  It's just cool and sweet and all things wonderful and I was humming it when I entered the mall and made a beeline for the bathroom.

When I emerged, there he sat.  Just like the song said, sitting on a bench in a mall.  And I wondered,  could it be?

Was it really him?

Waiting on the Missus?

He wasn't wearing his coat but there was no mistaking it.  Mr. Claus himself was sitting on a bench outside the restrooms.  I would have liked to have waited around to see if the Missus came out, but I had shopping to do.  But it sure made me smile.

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Hillary said...

That's such a great song, and even cuter story! :)

LOVE your new pic, by the way! SO cute!