Sunday, May 07, 2017

A Poultry Sunday

Due to a power outage at school on Thursday, we had to bring the chicken eggs my second graders are incubating home.  In addition to our five incubating eggs, we also brought home one little chick that another teacher had hatched who desperately needed his heat lamp to stay warm!  We spent the weekend with all this poultry taking over our counter (can't put them out in the potting room, Charlotte would think they were toys just for her!)

Today, we returned them to school, just in time for our eggs to hatch in the next day or two.  We could hear the little chirps coming from one egg (I absolutely love that!) so we know at least one of the five should hatch.  We took the one little chick to my classroom as well so the parent who is taking the chicks can come get him tomorrow.

After getting all that set up, we headed to Tractor Supply for some chick feed.  We buy a bag every year, use maybe a quarter of it and then donate it to whomever is taking the chicks.  Next year, we hope we are incubating chicks for our farm and will use the entire bag (and then some!)

From Tractor Supply, we headed up the road, stopping to buy eggs from a local farmer.  We keep him in business, I tell you.  We eat A LOT of eggs right now!

We swung by Julie's to drop off a few things (and as it turns out, to pick up a few things) before heading home.

Once we arrived at home, we pulled out chicken legs to thaw for dinner.

Seems like we are a little obsessed with feathered friends today, doesn't it?  From egg to chick, hatching to the dinner table, I think we have it all covered today!

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