Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Great Day for a Birthday

Momma cardinal wasn't too happy with me.  I thought she was off her nest when I snuck out to see if either egg had hatched.  I should have known she wouldn't have been off her nest in 40 degree weather.  She flew to the nearest tree where she squawked at me while I peeked at her babe.

One little cardinal chick.

Reminds me of a day 21 years ago when I brought home my first born and all these people showed up who wanted to hold him and talk to him and I wanted to scream from the rafters "HE'S MINE!!  BACK OFF!" but that seemed rude and these people meant no harm. 

My boy, my child, my baby, my only turns 21 years old today.  I text him, sent him a package and talked to him on the phone, but I won't see him.  It's finals week and he's studying hard for his tests.  For some kids, that might just be a line they tell their parents, "We've been studying since nine this morning." But even on his 21st, I know my child is being responsible.  His grades matter to him (now, after all those agonizing high school years).  He'll "study" in the form of drinking when finals are over I am sure.

It's hard not to see my baby, but it's something I guess you get used to.  He'll come visit soon he says, and I will hold him to that.  He is as precious to me as this little one is to its cardinal momma.  Even more so, I dare say.  I'd do more than chirp from a nearby tree if a stranger came too close to my baby.

It only took 13 days for this little guy in the picture to hatch.  It won't take too long to grow wings and learn how to fly.Of all things I am thankful for today, it's that it takes human babies far longer than that to grow wings and fly.

Hold onto your babies as long as you can.
It will seem like it's only been a week when they do fly away.

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