Tuesday, January 24, 2017


"Chief?  Why is it when I do the towel load, do I always find four towels in your bathroom?  What do you need four towels for?"

"Well, one is for the floor."

"You couldn't just buy a bath mat?"

"I've been a little busy."

"Yes, I know.  Those eighteen hour days you work..."


"Fine.  What are the other three for?"

"Well, one is for the hot tub."

"Okay, fine.  You still need TWO towels for your daily shower?!?"

"Yes!  One is for when I first get out of the shower.  It's my pre-drying towel.  It gets most of the water off..."

"Your 'pre-drying towel'?  What is the other one for?"

"Well, that big yellow one is so fluffy and warm, it's for after I'm mostly dry..."



"Where is your wallet?"

"My wallet?!  What do you need my wall....oh, wait.   You want my man card, don't you?"

"Yes, Chief.  Four towels demands you surrender your man card."


"No 'buts' Chief.  Them's the rules."

"Fine.  But I want that yellow towel as soon as its out of the dryer."

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