Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring at Someday Farm

The first sign of spring is always asparagus growing!  Our first newly-planted sprout was met with cheers of joy!  He's safe this year, we won't pick any sprouts until next spring.  But then, look out!

We moved in mid-June last year and missed all the amazing blossoms around the farm! 

 The apple trees didn't have blossoms for long, but they were sure pretty while they lasted!

One of my favorite trees on our property is this beautiful, big maple in the pasture.  I loved how purple the new shoots were (that quickly turned green!)

We have lots of cherry trees, too!  The Mister did research and talked with "those who know" and sprayed several of our trees.  We're hoping to have some edible fruit this summer and fall!

We had no idea how many dogwood trees we had!  The pink one really took our breath way when it bloomed!

This tree took our breath away but for different reasons...we don't know WHAT in the world these nasty growths are, but they sure were eye-catching!

Lilac bushes will always remind me of the neighbors we had when I was little.  I brought a few into the house to savor the memory of "The Croakers."  

Sunrise over the marsh

We've been watching a pair of Canadian geese in the marsh since early spring.  I named them George and Martha and we have been anxiously awaiting goslings!  George is often swimming around by himself and we assumed that meant Martha was sitting on eggs somewhere (not that we can even tell the male from the female, but we like to suppose).  

In any case, we were pleasantly caught off guard by a family of geese out front in the pond!!  I quickly named them Claude and Bridgitte (I think this is a French-Canadian family) and the goslings are Un, Deux, Trois!

Leaving for work, I had to stop and take a quick picture of the pond.  I am reminded that God wants me to slow down, pause and have gratitude for the simple beauties in life!  

We are so very grateful for Someday Farm!

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