Saturday, May 14, 2016


So, The Mister has been busy.   He's been fulfilling his dream of being "a man on a tractor".  He spent warm days this winter and early spring clearing more of the pasture.

He was finally able to seed it this spring. 

THAT was a happy day, indeed!

We are super excited about the pasture.  It will be next spring before there is a cow roaming around, but The Mister has made a ton of progress!  In addition to clearing and seeding the pasture, The Mister also got electricity wired to the barn.  That was an ordeal.  The short version is that the idiot (The Mister uses much stronger words for the man he had to deal with from Consumer's) first quoted us $1700 to do the job, then $3200, and then when it was finally done, it ended up being free!!  We still aren't quite sure how it all got erased, but we have electricity and that's all that matters to us!

While The Mister was out working in the field, I was working on some of the flower beds.  The previous owners had beautiful landscaping, but they used wood chips for mulch and we didn't like the looks of that.  While it seems easy enough to throw down some black mulch, these beds were all overflowing with old mulch that had to be removed first.  

The end result is worth the price of all that digging out and carrying buckets of old dirt and weeds, though!  
This is the front of the house before I got to work on it...

...and this is the front of the house after.  Yes, you can tell from the growth on the bushes that it took me a week or two to complete, but doesn't it look better?

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